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    Gun Porn

    Well, the shorter trigger pull and decreased trigger weight will make your first shot more accurate. Additionally, if you have a 10+1 capacity firearm, you generally shoot 10 of 11 shots with the hammer back - that's the trigger pull you're used to. Trigger pull has a big effect on accuracy...
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    Gun Porn

    I see your point; however, with a proper holster (ie not bouncing around in a pocket) there's virtually no risk of an accidental discharge for a holstered firearm. I think it's more personal preference than anything though, and in an effort to not derail this thread from it's intended purpose...
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    Gun Porn

    My usual carry pistol is not a double action pistol; however, yes, with a proper holster, I would (and do on occasion) carry a double action pistol with the hammer back and a round in the chamber. A pistol that cannot safely be carried with the hammer back over a full chamber is a pistol that...
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    Gun Porn

    Yes; there is no reason to have your pistol decocked when you're carrying though.
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    Gun Porn

    Unless I'm missing something about this particular gun, why is your weapon not cocked while you're carrying? If you're carrying a firearm, it should be cocked and ready to simply pull the trigger when you draw.
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    First Responder Paramedic Trauma Bag FULLY STOCKED

    Hahaha nope :P I've been up about 36 hours at this point... I get to go home and sleep in another 3!
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    Gun Porn

    Yeah, I checked with the chief. It's a volunteer department; so if I'm carrying and get called in, they said just go ahead and throw it in the glove box.
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    Funny Ems phrases

    For someone not playing with a full deck... Chronic Microdeckia
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    First Responder Paramedic Trauma Bag FULLY STOCKED

    Not to be a **** or anything, but this bag is $95 on, with free Prime shipping...
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    Gun Porn

    My newest addition: Armalite AR30A1 .338 Lapua Mag Harris 6-9" Bipod Millett 6-25x56mm Scope Merry Christmas to me! Sorry for the crappy photo. My daily carry is either my G21 or 1911 unless I'm not wearing much, then I have a .380 Auto that I throw in my back pocket in a wallet holster. One...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I had to chuckle after reading some of the threads commenting on riding armed or not. Working in a rural volunteer department, I was told that if I respond to a call while I'm carrying a gun, just throw it in the glovebox in the rig. If someone already has their gun there, stash it somewhere...
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    Worthwhile Online CME Courses?

    I'm a relatively new EMT I from Alaska (we haven't adopted NR yet, although I plan on taking that test shortly just to get that cert as well). I won't likely have the chance to take an advanced EMT course for a while; however, I'm interested in starting to learn some of the skills to both...
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    Traction Splints help.

    This must be a local protocol thing; this is not what I was taught nor what my protocols dictate (Rural Alaska). From my class, with two providers one is providing manual traction as soon as the initial assessment is complete and any other life threats are dealt with first; ideally this is...
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    Shortness of breath question

    I don't have any sources other than things my instructors have said in class (which I completed recently) so take all this with a grain of salt: What I've been told is that the movement is towards not giving O2 unless SPo2 < 94%. O2 is essentially a drug and as a BLS community, it's been...
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    What is considered a BLS call in your area

    Being probably one of the most rural EMTs in this thread, there's no such thing as an ALS call where I'm at. All volunteer department in Nome, Alaska, and we respond to everything with whomever is on-call that day/night. GSW? Back Pain? Broken Arm? Doesn't matter, we're going with the same...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Guess I'll join the train! Just passed the written/practical for EMT-1 in Alaska - we haven't caught up to NR yet, but I'll be taking that test as soon as my state EMT-1 is certified. I'm currently running with NVAD in Nome, an all-volunteer department. We're the hub for the region, so in...