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  1. Trauma's Mistress

    Pre Testing Scores

    Hello So as many if you know, I have been out of the life for about ten years but I am getting back into it now that my Dr has cleared me. Woot. One of my fears, is what I do and don't remember. I wanted to find out. SOOO I went onto and took the online Pre Tests of...
  2. Trauma's Mistress

    I am back - sorta. Advice/Worries and then some.

    So I really didn't know where to put this, so any of the admins of you feel you want to move this thread to another spot, go for it. So let me start with some hx. In 2002 I was set to become a Paramedic. After getting my new EMT-B cert I was excited. Then my cardiologist said I can't be...
  3. Trauma's Mistress

    NJ to Cali

    i was wondering of someone has some answers for me. I am living in NJ and have been wanting to move to California for years and I finally am doing that this summer. I am wondering what I need to do to transfer from NJ to there. Whats different out there than here in NJ. I am a NJ state...
  4. Trauma's Mistress

    Can Someone Please Please Please

    Hi :) I know , i know its been a while since I have been on this thing. Im sorry, Ive just been very busy. Anyways the reason I am here is to ask someone who has much better skills to do something for me, well for all of us, I was watching TV the other night and I heard this...
  5. Trauma's Mistress

    Pink Gloves Video -Its cute :)

    I just found this vid on youtube I thought it was so cute. My Mom died of cancer a few years ago, so this kinda made me smile :)