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    PROACT study Edmonton Metro EMS

    What is the PROACT trial? Due to the high morbidity and mortality of NSTEMI and CHF as well as the success of the VHR process. It has spawned the Providing Rapid out of hOspital Acute Cardiovascular Treatment. With the integration of point of care testing into EMS this will allow for early...
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    Low budget Ambulance Idiots.
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    Tiddy Bear...WTF????
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    Ouch - Wear your helmet
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    My Ambulance

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    M*A*S*H Bloopers
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    Virtual Heart
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    Not Good What NOT to do during a demo.
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    Pickle Phobia WTF??????
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    Car Clubs

    Any of you Hot Rodders? Anybody have some cool rides or belong to any local car clubs? I have a 1930 Model A 5 window coupe. Chopped 3 inches, Mustang running gear. Car is Black. Support your Local Road Devils CC.
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    Spicy Baconator Warning

    From one of the memebers of another site.
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    Edmonton Scanner Try it. EMS and Fire.
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    Where are you

    Anbody see LE-EMT around? Where did you go?
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    Anybody have one? Doe's the wow really Sham?