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  1. wxduff

    Practical Tommorow

    I have my EMT-B practical tomorrow, wish me luck!
  2. wxduff

    Ride Time

    So for my EMT Class I'm supposed to do ride time so last week I signed up to ride in a semi-private ambulance in a different part of my county. I could have rode a much closer city ambulance, but every single one of their calls is typical, and their transport time is less then five minutes...
  3. wxduff

    Driver Training Anxiety

    Well, a Driver Training Shift finally opened up, and I'm going to be starting tomorrow night... I already started, I was one of only about 6 of the ~40 members here over a four day weekend this semester, and got my 3 shotgun shifts out of the way that weekend. Tomorrow night I learn how to...
  4. wxduff

    Yes, A scope thread

    I'm trying to chose what scope to buy. I've been practicing a lot with a variety at base, and I'm getting a decent sense of what constitutes a POS scope. I was going to buy a POS, but now I've found the good scopes for what I do run around 30-60 bucks. So, I've collected some good looking scopes...
  5. wxduff

    Newbie Introduction

    Hi Everyone, my name is Evan, and I'm currently taking my EMT-B and riding my schools volunteer ambulance. While my major is meteorology I'm currently taking my EMT-B at school for credit. I've always been interested in EMS, and it runs in my blood. My father used to drive for the local...