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  1. DrParasite

    Post C-19 and dengue - odd symptoms

    likely from her Dengue from 2 months ago (first line of the post)... I'm curious though, is there any reason complications from Dengue were suspected, other than the patient having it two months ago? I mean, if the patient had the flu, ebola, chicken pox, a rash on his or her ***, or some...
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    Ideas for EMT hire with disability

    I believe he is referring the the fact that most PA (physician assistant) programs require a bachelors degree. it doesn't matter what the bachelors is in, as long as it's a bachelors degree and you have the required coursework. So you can get a degree in underwater basket weaving and it will...
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    outstanding choices @ffemt8978
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    Why the European Siren is Scientifically Proven to be Better

    Translation: I got called on my BS, and when someone asked me to explain it, I made an excuse not to, because you dumb ambulance drivers are too dumb to understand my brilliant explanation. We will just ignore the fact that everything you said was BS, as there is no benefit to standardization...
  5. DrParasite

    the 100% directionless thread

    I just completed my second online presentation for the NYS Vital signs conference... was definitely a different experience than delivering a presentation in person... hopefully can spend the weekend in saratoga springs next year for the in-person event!
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    Why the European Siren is Scientifically Proven to be Better

    While I considered saying it, I just completed human resources sensitivity training, so I'm working on being the kinder, gentler DrParasite
  7. DrParasite

    Why the European Siren is Scientifically Proven to be Better

    Well I'll be.... they actually codified it that way.... I did not expect the legislative branch to micromanage something like the qualifications of ambulance sirens...
  8. DrParasite

    Why the European Siren is Scientifically Proven to be Better

    Maybe it's just me, but the youtuber seems to be incorrect on a few things 1) few sirens (outside of a manual Q) only use the "wail" siren sound. there is also yelp, phaser, dual, high low, and the old fashioned electric airhorn. Further, each sound has different purposes, different reaches...
  9. DrParasite

    Certified Transport Specialist Certification?

    Checked out their website: to be honest, this is probably a good thing. Back in the day, I worked for a private EMS agency, and we had a wheelchair van division as well. I don't know what "training" the had (actually that's not true, I know that NJ had a MAV...
  10. DrParasite

    Value of Continuing Education?

    My current CE suuuuuucks. like large monkey ball sucks. I attribute this to several factors: 1) the county EMS training supervisor designs a horrible PowerPoint, and then distributes it to all the CE instructors. Per his directive, they are not permitted to remove anything, but they can add...
  11. DrParasite

    Question: Revoked EMT License

    @acapolo12 Apparently you are in good company on people who were suspended/revoked for failing to do CE. Apparently, there are A LOT of EMTs and paramedics who got in trouble for this (21 pages worth over the past 10 years)...
  12. DrParasite

    Question: Revoked EMT License

    honest answer? no clue. no one here can answer that. only you can decide if you want to drop out of medical school If I'm not mistaken, you can get licensed (once you finish med school you become an MD, and get licensed to practice with more exams), however getting a job might be harder...
  13. DrParasite

    Question: Revoked EMT License

    ahhhh, now it's making more sense. you reapplied for your EMT license, filled out the paperwork saying you did all the CE, signed a statement saying and such, and they granted you a new card. Then you got unlucky by being the recipient of a random audit, where they found that you lied on your...
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    Question: Revoked EMT License

    Wait a minute... you were employed by a hospital, working in a job outside of your EMT scope of practice (your words not mine). You're working in an ER, not in an EMS capacity, but your employer (the hospital) wanted/required you to keep your license up. Then the hospital (aka your employer)...
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    Question- complaint

    @acapolo12 pick up the phone and call the state. They can answer any questions about their particular systems
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    Question: Revoked EMT License

    licenses don't get revoked for failing to submit CE... they simply expire when they expire, and you haven't met the requirements to recertify. Typically, the only time you get "revoked" if the state investigates you for something, and determines you have committed a crime/offense/infraction...
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    in 2 weeks? not likely, however, you can definitely start in two weeks.
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    Alameda Falck

    What's really embarrassing is the press release that the union put out... Falck made 2 billion last year, and 500 million in the first quarter... that's revenue and doesn't take into account any of the expenses to run a global EMS agency. How much was profit? also, the pandemic hit the US...
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    totally cool, I had a bookshelf full of DVDs (TV series and movies) but once I got netflix, I found I rarely watched them. I couldn't remember the last time I used my DVD players, so I sold what I could, and gave away the rest. but if you aren't home, I can see the advantage (I remember...