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    How to stay healthy in the New Normal?

    The health crisis has definitely changed our daily routines, be it at home or at work. How do you stay healthy in this new normal?
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    Requirements on becoming an ER Technician

    Agreed, this might be the answer to your question Amaliagrace.
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    Stay offline

    You should report it, Adrienne. It will be dangerous if you don't make a move soon.
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    Thanks for answering my question DrParasite, Your advice is very helpful. Thank you for thinking of me.
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    FDNY EMS Candidates

    Hopefully not that late next year. Please keep us updated.
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    Is it possible to be fit in 2 weeks at home? weighing 196 lbs and 155 cm tall. Feeling tired all day and awake at night. What should I do?
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    Wondering what to pursue.

    To get the finish line, you'll have to try lots of different paths.
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    Looking for some advice in getting experience

    BINGO! that helps me as well, thanks, man!
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    Detroit and Lansing Michigan area

    It is confidential...I guess 🤔
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    What drives you?

    More power and success to you!
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    The (Long-Term) Finance Thread

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    How to let go.

    The best way to let go of is to meditate.
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    Advice for an Aspiring Female EMT?

    Best to have a good combo of big lifts and a high protein diet.
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    Paramedic Continuing Education

    This one gives me a headache lol! I never really figured it out
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    How to get out of imposter syndrome?

    well, sometimes it takes some time :)
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    RC Health Services online AEMT?

    yep, they're okay lol
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    freezing up and choking during skill drills

    still not an expert huhu
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    Spiritual Healing

    Thanks for your input. To be honest, I am not also in favor of the spiritual healing thing. I actually suggest considering counseling or therapy like this service. But it seems that they have this old belief. Anyway, I'm curious about the Christian counseling interventions that you mentioned...