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    How'd I do?

    Ok so we were standing by for a children's triathlon Patient was dizzy, and felt like she would puke (she had just finished) outside temp was 60 A+O times 4...quite nervous, crying-had her cramp in her left side-9 yrs old female Airway: unremarkable, Breathing: very Fast , shallow...
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    Student with an eating disorder passing out in class?

    She passes out almost every day, even in a very air conditioned classroom. Would you think this is fasting hypoglycemia, given her eating disorder?
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    What was this?

    So I saw a guy pass out yesterday. It was 90 degrees out, and he was sweating bullets. Anyway the EMTs got him on a strecher, then he woke up as he was riding to the rig. Was this a bad case of heat exhaustion? (these are the only signs ans symptoms I know, I wasnt there to assess.)
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    do you cut the PT's upper body clothing away if cpr is required? (bystander, AED hasnt arrived yet)
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    15 y/o female snowboarding fall assessment

    You arrive and the patient is complaining about a broken arm. Bystanders indicate that she took a very hard fall (fell and rolled/slid 100 ft down the somewhat steep trail). The patient indicates she has neck pain. (midline down the C-Spine) Actions: C spine precations, head to toe...
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    Keeping a jump bag in your car?

    Have you guys ever had to use a kit that you keep in your car?
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    30 y/o runner feeling sick

    Youre at a 10 k when a runner comes up to you complaining of not feeling well. The weather is 70 degrees. PT tried to rest, but didnt feel any better after ten min of rest. Initial: Airway clear. Breathing rapid. Pulse rapid and weak. Skin is cool and somewhat moist. Expecting hypoglycemia...
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    Reviewing Material

    What do you guys do to keep your skills sharp? (besides riding, of course)
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    Hypoglycemia vs Heat Exhaustion

    are they difficult to differ from each other?
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    Oral Glucouse

    A few questions: My friend (1st Responder as well) gave a woman some OG because she was not feeling right while running a biathalon (i did not find out signs and symptms, but she was not a diabetic). Can this happen? Would I look for the same signs of hypoglycmia in a non diabetic person? If...
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    When to cut away a patient's clothes?

    When is it necessary, and when should it not be done?
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    40 y/o female heat exhaustion

    Back Story: You are standing by as a First Responder for a town biathalon. It is 80 degrees outside. You spot a runner on all fours, who is breathing fast and lightly. You investigate, and says she tired to drink water multiple times in the past 10 min, but it made her feel like vomiting. You...
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    In general, when your volunteer "shift" starts, how do dispatches work? Are they sent to the individual pagers of the EMTs' who are on call?
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    Finding scope of care for a first responder?

    Should I go by whatever I learned in my book or is there some state/ local thing i can look at? If so, where do I find information for scope of care?
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    39 year old female diabetic

    Initial: In the home, conscious alert and oriented x0, airway is clear from any obstructons/ no potential obstructions indicated. Breathing normally. Pulse rapid and weak. Skin condition cool, mosit, and pale. Friend states she is a diabetic. SAMPLE: Patient is confused, unable to provide...
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    Patient Assessment in the field?

    If you have a multi trauma patient, do you do a detailed physical exam in the field on en route to the hospital? The only kind of assessment (for trauma) we were taught was the full detailed one (including pupils, ears nose) is that the "rapid trauma assessment"?
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    IVs for EMT-B

    I heard that they do it, or that they may add it in NJ, is that true?
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    Lung sounds?

    When are these checked? Do you check them as part of respiratory vitals or initial assessment of breathing? For both Trauma and medical
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    40 year old male: sick party

    Initial: Found on the couch. Room is cool. Responsive. Alert and Oriented times 3. Complaint: Dizziness. Airway clear, Breathing clear. Skin dry and warm, pulse weak and fast. Going on for an hour and a half, feeling getting worse. Stay and Play SAMPLE Very nauseated. Skin Dry and warm...
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    75 year old female- "Acting Strange"

    Initial Assessment: Responds to verbal stimuli. Alert and Oriented times 0 (no idea who she is, what month it is, and where she is.) Airway clear. Breathing Clear. Pluse is weak and thready. Notice a fruity breath odor. Stay and play here. No family to collect SAMPLE Administer glucose...