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    Duty Watches

    A 1991 vintage air force navigators watch...has tritium tubes...steel case...electronic movement...nylon strap...(like the military one piece straps, can loose one of the watche's pins and you still have the watch on your wrist) Never let me down in the 10 years i have owned it. Off duty...
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    Ambulance communications

    Yes, 3 watts..allthough it's coax cable from the telephone handset/transmitter to an antenna on the outside and on top of the box. I have informed the powers that be (not me, simply tech advisory) of the various options. They will have to come to a decision. I doubt there will be any...
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Yesterday, listening to the radio while at home. Dispatch: EMS primary, please respond to XXXXXX for a cardiac arrest, 15:42 "Medic 301 to dispatch, did you get any more details?" Dispatch: " I wasn't told if they were conscious or not"
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    EMT-B in December Passed in the mid 80s
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    Ambulance communications

    Thank you all for the replies. I guess communications are quite varied depending on area. I expect I will suggest that our ems service replaces the 3 watt motorola with a regular handheld type cell phone. Perhaps tethered in the back of the ambulanc so that it doesnt walk away. We use the...
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    Purpose of Ambulance plug in charger

    I am also located in Texas (San Saba, Hill Country) and I have had to disconnect all of our ambulances block heaters. They were connected. Also 2 batteries have allways worked fine for us here, even when we get snow. Check to make sure that there is no corosion on the battery connections. Make...
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    Ambulance communications

    Here, in San Saba, Central texas, a large and mainly rural county, we use a cell phone (Motorola m900, 3 watt output) to communicate with the hospitals. We do use VHF FM radio for comms with dispatch and other ambulances/agencies. I have just had one of our cell phones quit and Motorola no...