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    South Carolina Reciprocity

    I live in FL and I just graduated EMT school. Im still in the process of getting my FL license, but Im also trying to get a SC license for college.. Thats where my problem is.. For the reciprocity guidelines it says this: So as an EMT-B do I need ET and IV maintenance? My course syllabus...
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    Military PHTLS

    Theres a Military version of the PHTLS course being offered in my town at the end of the month. Does anyone know what the differences are between the military and regular? I'd have to travel 3-4 hours for any of the other ones being offered so I am very interested in taking the one here. The...
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    College classes with an EMT's schedule?

    Has anyone ever run into the dilemma of taking college classes on a 24/48 schedule? I really want to start taking classes after I get a job, but I dont see how its possible unless I take online classes... Im sure someone here has had this problem! Any solutions?
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    Does anyone have experience with

    I put an order through 511TacticalDirect last Saturday(aug 16). I got a confirmation email, but nothing else after that. Nothing to tell me its been shipped or anything. I waited until wednesday or thursday just to give it time, but after not hearing anything I decided to give them a call to...
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    5.11 Tactical Pants?

    Does anyone here wear the 5.11 tactical pants? Im ordering some online because Ive heard really good things about them. The only problem with getting the over the web is the fact that I cant try them on. Does anyone know if they run pretty true to their sizes? Some pants that I have are "32"...