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  1. OCTraumaQueen

    CEU's in Orange County

    Because my CA State and Orange County licenses lapsed, I need 36 CEU's instead of the 24 I do have. Anybody know where I can get the last 12 I need fast?
  2. OCTraumaQueen

    Good Samaritan Opinions?

    Anybody have any opinions/experiences of Good Samaritan Ambulance in Anaheim? Thanks in advance.
  3. OCTraumaQueen

    CA Orange County Re Certification

    Hello, Trying to recertify my EMT state and county cards. Other than my new cpr and ceus/skills do i also need a second livescan? Trying to nail everything before my appointment. Thanks for your help!
  4. OCTraumaQueen


    I have yet to work in EMS and I want to keep both my NREMT and my California State /Orange County certs current, I am taking my refresher course right now for 24 C.E.'s, my understanding is that I need 48 more C.E.'s to maintain both licenses so 72 C.E.'s total? How else can I get the...
  5. OCTraumaQueen

    South O.C. IFT Companies Hiring?

    I am taking my EMT refresher class as we speak. I have not worked as an EMT yet. I need 6 months experience by next summer to keep my licenses current, so I'm going to start applying next week. Do you know of anywhere hiring? an IFT company may be my best bet to start. Thank you in...
  6. OCTraumaQueen

    South Orange County Jobs

    Okay, So unfortunately I wasn't hired with Care. (First EMT interview) I was notified yesterday. Bummer! I won't let that keep me down though. Does anybody know if Doctors in Lake Forest is hiring, or anywhere in North Orange County IFT companies are fine also. Thanks!!
  7. OCTraumaQueen

    Anxiously Waiting...

    Me...Anxiously waiting to hear by E-mail if I got hired with CARE Ambulance in Orange...Cross your phalanges! =D ^_^
  8. OCTraumaQueen

    CARE Physical-Back Strength Test

    Can someone please tell me how I can prepare for CARE's Physical for the Back strength machine test? Thank you!
  9. OCTraumaQueen

    Done With Care Interview..Waiting Game.

    Just Finished my CARE interview yesterday. It felt pretty intense to me... It was my first EMT interview though. The written was first. If you didn't pass that you walked. It was 50 questions, you have to pass with 80% (so you are allowed to miss ten) Two people didn't pass. Next was Oral or...
  10. OCTraumaQueen


    My friend just got hired with Lifeline and I was thinking about applying too. They run IFT's as far as I know. I was wondering if you would recommend applying there? I would love the experience since I don't have any yet. Thank you!
  11. OCTraumaQueen

    Volunteer Work O.C./S.D. Areas?

    Starting my EMT refresher course tomorrow, I'm wondering if there is anywhere I can volunteer as an EMT-B? Thank You!
  12. OCTraumaQueen

    Best IFT Companies? South O.C., North S.D. County?

    Finally getting my State/County Cards, Checking all my options. What are the best IFT Companies to work for around South O.C., North S.D. County? Thank you in advance!
  13. OCTraumaQueen

    Took My EMT-B Test this evening!

    I just got home from the NREMT and The test was written more difficult than I had imagined. But I studied using the school book and I did my best. My test stopped @ 100. Now the waiting game!
  14. OCTraumaQueen

    Water Rescue Training SO. CAL ??

    Besides, Lifeguard Training, Does anybody know where I can get Training for Water Rescue, Search and Rescue, and whatever else may help me? Very eager to learn! Thanks in Advance, Cherie “Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting...
  15. OCTraumaQueen

    Got my NREMT Test Date!

    Hi Everyone! I'm Super excited! Got my NREMT Test date today, it will be on Monday, 5/6/11 @ 5:30 p.m.! I'm going to study hard! <3
  16. OCTraumaQueen

    Finished my EMT class yesterday!

    I finished my EMT class yesterday in Orange, California with an "A" and I am about to schedule my NREMT-B Exam. How long would you wait to take it? Our Final was 150 questions all scenarios, I also just subscribed to JBLearning for their NREMT practice exam. Any suggestions would be...