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  1. GonnaBeEMT

    Ever heard of ABS?

    I received a letter along with my pay stub friday that informed everyone in the company that our company has engaged the services of a strategic planning and business development compnay called ABS. Has anyone ever heard or worked with this company? I am sure they will be making changes I am...
  2. GonnaBeEMT

    Anyone know where I can find a .......?

    Anyone know where I could find a metal clipboard with a clock that will store my various forms inside it?
  3. GonnaBeEMT

    Old Paramedic Textbook

    I am looking for a paramedic textbook to look through over the summer until my school book store begins selling our books for this fall. I would like a fairly recent edition but it doesn't have to be the most recent. If someone has one that they would be willing to give away or sell at a...