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  1. FreezerStL

    HESI A2 Exam?

    I took a HESI exit exam after finishing medic school. We had an online portion of class from a web site called evolve, which is based off the "Paramedic Practice Today" by Aehlert. The test was kinda meh; I faired well (91%), but I don't believe the questions and structure of said questions...
  2. FreezerStL

    The Space Betweeen

    More about this story... Song: The Space Between - Erin Bode When I first heard about this project I was skeptical; however it turned out great. Enjoy! gogo St...
  3. FreezerStL

    Double paramedic

    Almost all of the Fire Dept/Districts in St.Louis run Dual medic, as well as most Ambulance Districts. It's rarer to see a place that runs Medic/EMT than dual Medic.
  4. FreezerStL

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    EMT-P: 80 questions and Passed!
  5. FreezerStL

    do you like your job

    I can't envision myself doing anything else, Trust me I've had many jobs I wish I could forget. I absolutely love this field ^_^
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    WOO Hoo!!

    Congrats, let the games begin :)
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    physio question

    found a slide show that might help you out
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    Lung/Heard Sounds

    #1 #2 your welcome.
  9. FreezerStL

    Prep for paramedic school?

    too true. As far as school is concerned, take all the previously mentioned courses seriously. Don't do the coursework to simply complete the course. Really try to understand the principles being taught. Also, put in the hard work. It will pay off in the long run, trust me. ^_^
  10. FreezerStL

    Starting IVs Next Week, any Tips?

    Once I've found a site I like, I'll always lightly push the skin in a perpendicular direction with my finger. It gives me a good idea how much of a "roller" the vein is, as well as letting me know how much I'll need to stabilize it. Good luck ^_^
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    Paramedic School Started

    Good luck. It's going to be a bumpy ride :P
  12. FreezerStL

    lead placement

    For those with four leads you can use smoke(black/LA) over fire(red/LL), clouds(white/RA) over grass (green/RL) ^_^
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    BP Sounds

    Absolutely. I'm just saying I've seen too many medics rely on NIBPs alone. Hospitals have the benefit of not dealing with the kind of "interference" that we do.
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    BP Sounds

    I'll try to point us back on topic... how did both your diastolic readings compare? If both were close it'll give you a good indication of accuracy. Although a variation of ~20 mmHg is unlikely, many variables can skew a BP reading. All should be taken into consideration when trying to...
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    Started EMT-B Today :)

    ^This Welcome to the world of EMS.
  16. FreezerStL

    EMT training is St Louis area

    Sorry, Let me clarify. First off, I'm a MO EMT with an IL license. To get a MO license you'll need a NREMT cert. When you have a MO license you can apply for reciprocity in IL. All you have to do is file some paperwork with the IL Department of Public Health and they'll mail you an IL...
  17. FreezerStL

    EMT training is St Louis area

    MO/IL have reciprocity. All it takes is a little paperwork and they'll mail you a license.
  18. FreezerStL

    Pocket book recommendations for a brand new Medic?

    :rofl: check out Informed ALS Version
  19. FreezerStL

    Great EMS Songs

    Cardiac SAR/MVC with extrication Running Code 3