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  1. TheEleventhHour

    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    Complaining about aspects of the job in general for things you knew you were getting into when you were in EMT Class. Faking Vitals. :rolleyes:
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    Night Shifts

    I've worked several Night Shifts & did enjoy them. Every company is different. Some have 3pm-3am, some 4pm-2am, 10pm-8am, 8pm-6am, etc. The only one I had a hard time adjusting to was a 6pm-4am.
  3. TheEleventhHour

    Failed nremt twice!!! Need advice

    Something that helps some people is reading the question, & without looking at the answers, decide what you would do based on your EMT knowledge. Then look at the answers & choose the one closest to it. Some people are the opposite where they will look at the answers first without reading the...
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    EKG with 4 Lead

    "White on Right, Smoke over Fire." If that helps... :confused:
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    Just got hired 911 EMT

    This. I had 2 FTO's & they both did things very differently & both did things that Orientation told us to do differently. Both did things different than the NREMT Skills taught as well. Both felt they were the Prototype EMT. Some FTO's are laid back & forgiving & some have Egos & make you feel...
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    Van for style... Box for nostalgia... :cool:
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    Working as a volunteer EMT in California I'm not sure what kind or certification it is but my friend needed one to be a lifeguard at her job. Could be just like getting a BLS or ALS...
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    EKG apps

    "EKG Basics -Learning & Interpretation Made Easy" "ABC Of Clinical ECG" "ECG 100 Clinical Cases" All available on the Google Store. :cool:
  9. TheEleventhHour

    Working as a volunteer EMT in California

    Yes, my friend needed her EMR to be a lifeguard. UCLA is now giving EMR Courses as well.
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    The Ultimate Ambulance Drivers License Thread (CA)

    Getting my Ambulance Cert was probably the most annoying part of getting a job as an EMT. The test itself was simple & I'm glad I read the $5 handbook but I did notice like 20/30 of the questions were either exact or a variation of the downloadable flashcards you can find on Google. You can take...
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    EMT refuses to respond

    Why work so hard for something just to not care to throw it away? People are wild. :confused:
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    Single Rescuer CPR

    Nasal Cannula even if they're not breathing on their own? I'm asking because I seen something similar a while back where a patient went into Cardiac Arrest & instead of ventilations I witnessed the RN place an oxygen mask on them... or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you meant.
  13. TheEleventhHour

    California Prop 11

    Excuse my ignorance but aren't we technically already on call during breaks?
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    When did you get your NREMT results

    Took it at 8am (ish) & got the results around noon...
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    I notice in LA County a lot of companies who hire ER Techs require you to have your Phlebotomy License as well...
  16. TheEleventhHour

    Failed my NREMT-B exam twice...

    FISDAP & JBLearning.
  17. TheEleventhHour

    Can NREMT skill sheets help with passing the NREMT cognitive exam?

    To pass the written part of the NREMT it is better to know Assessment for the order of operation as well as the diagnosis & treatment for each condition an EMT is trained for. Knowing when to check which pulse is very important for instance but knowing to check a pulse longer when a patient is...
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    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    I have the Kaplan Study Guide for EMTs. I've noticed it gets a lot of negative reviews but I found it extremely helpful.
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    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    I also recommend FISDAP. As someone who used JBLearning & FISDAP I can say my NREMT was closer to FISDAP with the vagueness of the questions. What I love about JBL was the explanations for why the correct answers were correct & why also the wrong answers were wrong but I'd have to say the NREMT...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    EMT-B. 70 & passed, first try. I understand the idea behind the pilot questions but yikes some of mine were so random. It was along the lines of "An obese pediatric with a catheter & shortness of breath start coughing up blue colored marbles, what is Barrack Obama's mother's real name?"...