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  1. FeatherWeight

    Mandatory Radio Reports?

    Recently I was talking about radio reports with my supervisor who was formerly a medic from Texas, he was telling me how they never even made radio reports and just show up to the hospital without giving them a heads up. I'm not sure if this was just a old school way of running calls or if Texas...
  2. FeatherWeight

    Paramedics working in a hospital

    Looking to get into medic school soon but I want to weigh out my options with a paramedic degree, I know the majority of medics become firefighters but I don't feel like that would be for me. So my question is, has anyone worked in a ER or other healthcare fields being a medic? If so, could you...
  3. FeatherWeight

    Driving Record

    Hello, sorry to hound you guys with another driving record question but I searched and I couldn't an answer to my question...I had an interview today and everything went really well but I had 2 tickets for seat belt violations (i know, im an idiot) and my interviewee said he would have to check...
  4. FeatherWeight

    Medic School Advice

    Hey everybody, I havent been an EMT for too long but I'm already steering towards the idea of applying to medic school. I know usually you have to take anatomy/physiology, a paramedic prep. class, and at least 1000hrs experience before they even consider you into medic school. For those medics...
  5. FeatherWeight

    Numb Extremity

    So this last weekend I was in LA working as a standby EMT for a boy scout camp and we had this PT with numbness in his left foot up to his knee. He had full muscle range, cap refill was normal, but his sensation was shot. NKA, no Hx, no medications, and his skins were warm and dry. His vitals...
  6. FeatherWeight

    Need a new stethoscope

    Hey does anyone have any suggestions on a new stethoscope? The one my school gave me just doesn't cut it in the back of a load ambulance. Thanks
  7. FeatherWeight


    Shortly after high school i became certified as a phlebotomist and now im in EMT school. Just wondering if starting IVs on PTs is out of my EMT scope even though im certified to do so. Any input is much appreciated :D
  8. FeatherWeight

    A couple questions

    Im coming to the end of my EMT-B class and I had a couple questions of how you get fully certified: -If you don't pass the class can you still take the State/NREMT? -Do you have to pass both the State/NREMT to become certified? -If you fail either the State or the NREMT do you have to...
  9. FeatherWeight

    Public vs. Private

    Hello, I'm currently coming to the end of my EMT-B class and starting to look at possible job opportunities and I'm a little confused about the differences and the pros/cons of a private/public ambulance company, could anyone please explain this to me? Thanks!