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  1. GonnaBeEMT

    Ever heard of ABS?

    I received a letter along with my pay stub friday that informed everyone in the company that our company has engaged the services of a strategic planning and business development compnay called ABS. Has anyone ever heard or worked with this company? I am sure they will be making changes I am...
  2. GonnaBeEMT

    Anyone know where I can find a .......?

    No problem... I have seen the nursing clipboards that have a clock/calc combo thing on them, but they do not store forms. Thats what I'd like
  3. GonnaBeEMT

    Anyone know where I can find a .......?

    I want one with a clock..... Not a calculator
  4. GonnaBeEMT

    Anyone know where I can find a .......?

    Did that before I posted anything on here
  5. GonnaBeEMT

    Anyone know where I can find a .......?

    Anyone know where I could find a metal clipboard with a clock that will store my various forms inside it?
  6. GonnaBeEMT

    New NBC series "Trauma" this fall

    Watch any police, fire, cowboy, military, etc..... show. Talk to an expert in any of those fields about the show, and none of them are accurate. These shows are produced for the general public's entertainment, and they would never know or care how accurate it is.
  7. GonnaBeEMT

    I passed!!!

    I passed too! I guess I should change my name on here......
  8. GonnaBeEMT

    I know it has been asking before......

    Just go straight through if you have some A&P under your belt. Taking some college level A&P before medic school gives you a huge leg up. Thats the biggest hurdle in medic school in my opinion, because its all thrown at you at one time.
  9. GonnaBeEMT

    NREMT Paramedic Has ANYONE passed with 150?

    I was so frustrated by the end of my medic test that I couldn't tell you what number it stopped on ...... but I passed first try. Whatta relief
  10. GonnaBeEMT

    Finally out of Paramedic School!!!!

    Congrats! I also took my medic registry test yesterday and passed! Now I am waiting on a date when I can taker the practicals......
  11. GonnaBeEMT

    IV Practice

    I was worried about starting IVs and such before I started medic classes also, but you shouldn't worry about getting ahead of the game and learning ALS skills, you will have plenty of time and opportunities to become proficient at those skills. You are really cheating yourself and future...
  12. GonnaBeEMT

    Paramedic Degree

    Huh? Say what Willis?
  13. GonnaBeEMT

    NREMT Practical question...

    Its not to hard to figure out what you did wrong........ It was one or more of the critical points like BSI or scene safety or airway or any of the other ones listed on the check off sheet
  14. GonnaBeEMT

    Trooper vs. Paramedic

    If the cop was going somewhere important why did he stop the ambulance? just go around the freaking ambulance. Kinda seems like the cop was looking for a reason not to go on the call he was called to do.
  15. GonnaBeEMT

    Who took the NRT-Paramedic in last 2 months?

    Was it a toughy? I take it in a couple months.
  16. GonnaBeEMT

    normal Turnaround for test results.

    I got my results the next day
  17. GonnaBeEMT

    excited, but...

    I was very nervous, and my opinion, if your not a little nervous then your not taking it to serious. The trick to it is turning that nervous energy into a positive thing. The basic class starts out with the very basic things you need to know to do your job, so just take it seriously and do not...
  18. GonnaBeEMT

    Verification of status

    I just don't see the need to prove who I am and what I do. If I'm not EMS people will be able to tell by my posts
  19. GonnaBeEMT


    If she is still in SVT and her bp went down like that I would say to do synched cardioversion
  20. GonnaBeEMT

    Question Me ?!?!?!

    Ben & Jerry's Carmel Sutra