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    looking for some good websites~help!~

    Great website...thanks
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    What kinda car do you drive? /more questons

    2006 PT Cruiser...It's a great car when there is no SNOW....
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    Hi to New Friends

    Welcome to EmtLife....
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    Ems Prayer

    Very nice...Thanks for sharing it with us...
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    Drugs for Diabetic

    Yeah i think you would of been good with just given glucagon 1mg IM...If her sugar level didnt go up with that and u were able to get a IV going then you would go with 50% dextrose ...
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    Do you wear your gloves?

    as soon as i get into the ambulance the gloves go on..everyone makes fun of me but i really dont care.. ;) ...better safe then sorry... :rolleyes:
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    "That BP is NOT possible"

    I will keep my eyes open for you. :rolleyes: .I'm 5'3, brown hair, brown eyes and i also wear eye glasses..Hopefully i will see you tonight..
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    "That BP is NOT possible"

    I will also be there tonight with Mineola..We are going as a group..Soo sad..Life is too short.. :(
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    "That BP is NOT possible"

    Nope...I never even heard of that place.... :blink: Rescuecpt will u be going to the wake for the 2 emt's that died on Wednesday? :(
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    Dopamine & You

    Well consider me math retard #2...I hate math with a passion..As soon as someone tells me it has to do with numbers i cringe... :rolleyes:
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    "That BP is NOT possible"

    You are soooo right about that...I have also seen some stuff and it amazes me that these people are still certified to treat people..Actually it's scarey...I see it everyday in the nursing home where i work..We had a resident in respiratory failure and i walked into the room to see if i could...
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    Congrats to rescuecpt

    Congrats on reaching 1000 :D
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    new EMT-B -- confused about what to do next

    rescuecpt has given you all the info u need to get started with the Valley stream fire dept...Good luck..keep us posted.. :rolleyes:
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    Heading Down Under

    Great pics... :D
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    Dopamine & You

    Thank you soo much for your help.. :D Atleast now i have a better understanding on how to figure out the math..Thanks again...
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    new EMT-B -- confused about what to do next

    yeah i can only speak for Mineola ambulance corp, that they only take people that live in the area..I'm sure there are corps out there that don't require you to live in the district.. ;)
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    new EMT-B -- confused about what to do next

    nope we don't mine....good luck in your future endeavors...we are here for you if you have any questions.. :rolleyes:
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    new EMT-B -- confused about what to do next

    To be honest with you..I think i surprised everyone who knows me when i tell them that i volunteer for a ambulance corp..I was someone who fainted at the site of blood, could never handle emesis (vomiting) along with other things..This guy i worked with for a few months told me that he was an...
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    new EMT-B -- confused about what to do next

    Welcome to our EMS family.... :rolleyes: I'm from Nassau county and volunteer for Mineola Ambulance Corp....Rescuecpt is right when she says you really need to get yourself into a refresher course..This will also help you feel more confident when you are out there treating pt's...Good luck...
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    Ambulance accident kills 2 EMTs

    regardless of which driver was at fault...2 lives were lost..They will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.. <_<