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  1. rhan101277

    FDNY suspended medics reinstated These are the medics that did a poor assessment and didn't bring the gear you normally should bring to an emergency call to the patients side. What do ya'll think?
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    Continue CPR or not?

    85 y/o female, initial call comes out as hemorrhage - rectal bleed. Upon arrival daughter meets us at the entrance to the nursing home. Upon entering the pt room she is on the floor w/ staff performing compressions. Pt looks pale, she is pulseless, anpeic. I prepare to take over chest...
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    77 y/o female respiratory distress

    You are called for a patient with sob. You arrive to find the fire department on scene with the patient on a NRB at 15L/m. Pt is sitting in a chair and leaning forward in obvious distress. She denies any pain, RR is 46 labored and shallow. Pt blood pressure is 220/120, HR is 98 NSR on the...
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    Ankle dislocation + distal fibula fx

    Had this the other day, just decided to lay in on a pillow and use some seat belts. Fall from stairs, -loc, pain 6/10, pms intact. No other trauma noted. Just wanted to get some thoughts on splinting, I didn't believe there was much more I could do and it isn't often that I am splinting...
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    82 y/o female respiratory distress

    You are dispatched for the above call, when you arrive at the house you find the fire department is arriving the same time as you. Upon entering the house and making patient contact you find the patient sitting up in the bed in severe respiratory distress. You quickly place the patient on 15L...
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    83 y/o N/V + Fever

    I wanted to get some feedback and see how other might treat this patient I had. You are dispatched to a local nursing home for above complaint. Pt in a DNR You arrive and obtain the following vitals: Staff report temp 102.2 axillary, 88% SPo2 room air pt baseline gcs 9, non verbal...
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    43 Y/O female seizure

    Call comes in as a possible seizure for a patient with seizure hx. Patient currently is not seizing is alert and breathing. Upon arriving at the residence you find the patient lying on the couch. She seems postictal, a small sign of dried blood is noted on the lower lip. Pt alert but...
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    Fluid bolus correct in this scenario?

    55 y/o pt c/c of rectal bleeding, states "severe", happened during bowel movement and pt has hx of such. Pt takes no meds, has hx of GI bleeds and no allergies. Upon arrival pt is sitting on couch with a towel under him. Pt is diaphoretic and complains of weakness. States bleeding started...
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    TCP False capture - True Capture?

    I had a call for a 83 y/o female with SOB. We get there she is not responsive but had adequate RR with diffuse rales and a hx of CHF and heart problems, previous strokes and MI's. I put her on oxygen because I am getting sats of 65%. I then put her on the monitor and have 3rd degree HB at a...
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    Sodium Bicard admin post arrest

    I had a cardiac arrest patient the other day. He was attended to by firefighters almost immediately after collapse. When we arrived FD reports their AED shocked once. Initial rhythm is asystole, then PEA for two rounds of CPR then I get vfib and shock at 360 and get a pulse back. All this...
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    Chest pain, HR 190

    Here are the details, this happened a couple days ago. Age: 56 y/o male Pmhx: COPD, CHF, previous Dysrhythmia requiring non-emergency DC cardioversion. Meds: Amiodarone, Furosemide, Albuterol, Crestor, Lipitor, ASA Scenario: I get a call about chest pain around 4am, pt is mildly...
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    Just realized that snow is going through the webpage

    I thought that my computer was acting up but then I realized it was snow on the page.
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    47 y/o female syncopal episode

    We get a call about a 47 y/o female with a syncopal episode whom has a heart history. She has a 4cm hole in her septal wall. We arrive to find her lying on the floor and her husband saying she got dizzy on the couch and tried to get up and walk and then decided to lie on the ground. She is...
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    22 y/o male c/c seizure

    Call comes in as 22 y/o male seizure. You arrive at residence to find the pt in a postictal state. He has no incontinence that you can tell but has a small tongue laceration. The patient is slow to respond but alert GCS 14. Vitals: B/P: 128/88 Pulse Ox: 100% RR: 20 HR: 180 CBG...
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    65 y/o male respiratory distress

    Dispatch info: 65 y/o male hx of asthma is having breathing difficulty. He is awake and alert. He has difficulty speaking in complete sentences. You approach to see a 65 y/o male sitting on the edge of his bed at his residence. He is tachypneic and in the tripod position. You hear audible...
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    Tough call not sure what was going on.

    Scenario: You get a call that initially comes out as heart problems. A 27 y/o male with previous heart hx and a A.I.C.D. In route the call updates to a domestic violence and the scene is not safe. You stage two blocks down. About 15 seconds pass and someone stops and is hysterical, saying...
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    Illinois Boy Dies in Ambulance during Hospital Transfers

    This is a good read. Always be careful, sometimes people are to sick to fix.
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    Performing IO on conscious patients

    I had pt the other day that was diaphoretic and complaining of only weakness with no pain. Pt shirt is damp and arms are clammy. Pt denies any medication, no previous medical history, is allergic to asa. His initial vitals are Pulse: 126 S. Tach w/ 1st degree block .266ms BP: 136/82...
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    Most glutose administered to a patient

    I wanted to see how many of you have administered more than 2 (15g) oral glutose to one person.
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    86 y/o SOB

    You arrive at a psych facility for a 83 y/o male with SOB. You arrive to find him breathing at 24BPM, clear lung sounds, pulse ox 93% on monitor. Monitor shows afib w/ occasional non-perfusing PVC's rate 110, BP 130/85. A hx is gathered and you find pt has CAD, CHF, no allergies, stents...