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  1. MrJones

    NRP vs EMT-P

    I just noticed that there are more than a few Nationally Registered Paramedics that have to use the old EMT-Paramedic label if they want to post their training level. I'm just sayin'.... ;)
  2. MrJones

    Requiring EMT Training

    DesertEMT66 made an interesting point in the Instilling Confidence thread: I can think of at least 2 career fields - fire fighting and athletic training - that include the requirement to qualify as an EMT, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are others. The question is, if we want...
  3. MrJones

    Instilling Confidence

    Throwing this out there to see what the wisdom of crowds will come up with.... One of the challenges I've noticed w/ student EMTs is a lack of confidence on their part, especially when assigned for ride time with a strong Medic/EMT or Medic/Medic team. In a nutshell, they're reluctant to get in...
  4. MrJones

    Is It Time?

    Just as parents hope to give their children the best possible start in life before watching them take what they've learned and head out to make it on their own, is it time for EMS to thank Fire for getting us through our formative years and then take what we've learned and strike out on our own...
  5. MrJones

    Paramedic Random Tasks

    Of the 3 possible random tasks - long board, KED and bleeding/shock control - "they" say that NREMT never picks bleeding/shock control. So I'm curious - how many of you did have bleeding/shock control as your random skill? I'll start - I did. ;)