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  1. BLSBoy

    Bougie storage

    Just had a difficult airway, used the bougie after I missed 1st attempt. We keep it either curled up, or in a semi circle, which leads to it being bent out of shape. Does anyone keep theirs straight, and if so, what do you store it in?
  2. BLSBoy

    I'm back

    Yea yea, I know, everyone missed me SOOO much. Who's taking bets until I get the ban hammer again? :usa:
  3. BLSBoy

    Dr Blesoe has called us out.....

    I am rather furious about this poorly written article. To blame a few incidents on egotistical, poorly educated paramedics who obviously have poor supervision and weak interaction with their medical director is absurd. Dr Bledsoe has written some very fine pieces of literature, and many...
  4. BLSBoy

    Without using the internet find the following info.....

    The total capacity of air in your BVM. The tidal volume needed to adequately ventilate an adult weighing 80kg The tidal volume needed to adequately ventilate a child weighing 30kg The tidal volume needed to adequately ventilate an infant weighing 5kg Then tell me how hard you would need...
  5. BLSBoy

    Medic numbers

    Anywhere else place pride on your cert/license numbers? Up here, it's a pretty big deal, it's your radio call sign, its your badge number, and a source of pride. Any other places do this, or just us bassasckward people in Jersey?
  6. BLSBoy

    Scene safety/BSI..... revisited.

    THIS oughta scare the safety sallies right into the dialysis shuffle. Here is a brief preview, read the rest at the link or the mods will spank me. Again...
  7. BLSBoy

    Gimme the flu vaccine, or I won't play EMT!

    Words fail me. <_<
  8. BLSBoy

    I joined the "dark side"

    Got hired in the City of North Wildwood, NJ as a part time Firefighter/EMT. Combo dept, 4 stations, 3 volly, 1 career. We run 2 ambulances and a QUINT. Not the full career FF gig I want, but its a start. Anyone heads down to the Wildwoods this summer, shoot me a PM.
  9. BLSBoy

    Overseas "TMS"

    With all this talk about furthering our education, and why the states are so far behind, it has lead me to do some thinkin (I know, scary). How many TMS (Transport Medical Services, cause there ain't no emergency in shuffling pts from the floor to SNF, or the renal roundup. You might have...
  10. BLSBoy

    So, I started my first IA line today.......

    completely inadvertantly. 90 y/o black female, 50kg. Hypertensive at 228/100something. NSR at 80. CC was nosebleed, BLS was tapped. They found her hypertensive as all get out, with SOB and diminished lung sounds. I start her on an albuterol updraft, go to start a line in R AC, since her hands...
  11. BLSBoy

    AEV and AMR concept Ambulance.

    I can't really find much on it online, other then the two companies showing it off. My agency is in the process of speccing out new SCT/CCT units, and since I am a Medic assigned to SCT/Medic 1, I am doing some research into safety features. Whatever anyone has would be of much help...
  12. BLSBoy


    Something I have really noticed lately, and has been buggin me. The amount of attitude on here has risen exponentially. I know that in EMS, we are, for the most part, a group of type A personalities, but damn guys, lately, most posts are just dripping with sarcasm, belittlement, and...
  13. BLSBoy

    Where I have been.....

    As a select few of you have noticed, I am been a little absent as of late. Studying my new protocols, moving into a new place in Atlantic City, and just being a busy new medic trying to learn as much as he can have gotten the best of me. I am alive, and (as some of you see) stirring the pot.
  14. BLSBoy

    B/W/W/B Dominator

    This is a pretty much brand new 4 Head Dominator. It is 4 Whelen TIR-3s synced together. It is meant for inside, or outside use. I had it inside, but I just didn't like the way it fit in my windshield. I bought it brand new 2 months ago for 225+shipping. I am willing to part with it for 200...
  15. BLSBoy

    AtlantiCare MICU Paramedics....25 years of saving lives.

    This is something that I am especially proud of, since I am an AtlantiCare Paramedic Trainee.
  16. BLSBoy

    Way to go dude. Make me look stupid.

    This went down last night, and has been buggin me ever since.. Get dispatched for an assault, scene secure, blah blah blah. Pt was aprox 50 yrs old, +ETOH useage, was struck several times in the head and face, possibly with an unk. object. Pt found supine on ground covered by a blanket by PD...
  17. BLSBoy

    Difficult Airway Course

    One is being offered early next year in my area. Anyone here take it? Their website has nothing but rave reviews, but I would like some objective opinions before I register....
  18. BLSBoy

    Will you stay for my enema?

    Yah. A first for me. Dispatched for a life assist. I was the 3rd on a BLS 911 truck (hey, I get paid decent money to have EMTs review with me things I know, and tell me a few things I didn't. Just cause I'm a Medic don't mean I can't learn something new everyday, and there was less paperwork to...
  19. BLSBoy

    Whew. The hardest stage yet is over....

    Passed NREMT-P. First time around. Should have my NJ MICP # by mid next month. No more late night cramming. Now that I have a base of knowlage, its time to build upon it! Def. one of the best days I have had so far. :ph34r:B)
  20. BLSBoy

    NREMT-P Attempts.

    So I did pretty well on the practicals. Now I have my written scheduled. I plan on doing well, but as we all know, life just don't go as planned all the time. So, how many attempts at the written do we get, and then what remediation must we go through? btw, I am a VERY nervous test taker...