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    How's Class?

    If I remember correctly, there were several of us starting class in Jan. Just curious how the semester went for everyone, how long you have left etc.
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    Just noticed that there are 11 guests on right now... come on, register!!! It’s a fun group with lots of info. You know you want to... :D
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    Back to School!!!!

    I just got the ok on my student loan, I'm going back to school this semester for my Associates in EMS. I'll get my I, P, & all of the little certs. in between. I'm excited :-) Thats it for now, stay safe everyone! PS: Bring on the advice, I'm sure I'll need it!
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    MCI Drill

    Our local EMS association just had its annual mass casualty drill. It was a mock plane crash held at our local airport. It was my first and I must say I’m really disappointed and shocked at how poorly it went. Where to start… First of all the people filling the various positions such as...
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    Error Delays Dispatch

    The Danvers fire chief is working with the county dispatch center to make sure there isn't a repeat of last weekend's eight-minute delay before the right fire department was dispatched to a house fire in rural Danvers. "It was a human error," said Metcom system administrator Tony Cannon on...
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    Vol firefighter protection act (IL)

    "Creates the Volunteer Firefighter Job Protection Act. Provides that no public or private employer may terminate an employee who is a volunteer firefighter because the employee, when acting as a volunteer firefighter, is absent from or late to his or her employment in order to respond to an...
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    I've been thinking about ways to continue my training until the next Intermediate or Medic class is available in my area. I would really like to take ACLS, but I'm not sure if I'd be eligible. I know someone mentioned auditing it in another post. Does anyone know what the pre-reqs are for the...
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    How accurate is your dispatch?

    :huh: Another post made me think of this one... How accurate is the information you are given by dispatch. I'm finding that ours is rarely correct... many times WAY off the mark. We use the tiered response system (alpha bravo charlie delta echo). I've been told by others on my dept. those...
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    Average Calls Per Year

    Whats your average number of calls per year?
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    Warning devices on personal vehicles

    Just curious about what warning devices other volunteers use on their personal vehicles. Also, what is legal in your state?