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  1. Drax

    Tumwater, WA FD

    Looking for someone who works there. Interested in doing a ride along, maybe someone who can give me information on the hiring process. Feel free to message me, Thanks!
  2. Drax

    Washington State EMS Certification Question #2

    So, second time around. I'm sure this will get answered inevitably, but I've been recently been picked up by a volunteer fire department and wanted to know: Since this is the first time I'm actually getting a state certification, do I need to fill out an initial application? At the end...
  3. Drax

    Pulse Ox on BP Arm

    This may be a stupid question, but for purposes of accurate readings... If you place a blood pressure cuff on one arm, can you then place a pulse ox on the same appendage and receive accurate results if you're performing the BP test at the same time? The automatic BP machines, like...
  4. Drax

    Washington State EMS Certification Question

    A little confused on this. :blink: "An EMS provider completing training through an education program, or having a certificate as an EMR, EMT, AEMT, or a paramedic through a national examination, does not take the place of certification as a EMS provider with the Washington State Department...
  5. Drax

    Fire Academy

    Tried a search but didn't see what I was looking for, Can someone give me an idea as to some of the basic of fire academies? I assume none are exactly the same, but... Is it similar to Basic Training in which you stay at the academy for the duration of the training? Do you go home...
  6. Drax

    EMT-B Jobs or Volunteer Positions - Pierce County, WA

    Greetings, I'm interested in any paid work as an EMT-B in the Pierce County/King County area. I'm separating from the military on Christmas day, and I'd like to get a new income rolling in. I'm interested in private ambulance companies and I believe I've applied to most in the area...