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    Does this make my employer a criminal?

    I am no lawyer, the majority of my legal experience has been as a defendant, but I have a situation where my abusive employer has commited what I think may be criminal against an ex coworker. Their defense on this will be that it is all sour grapes, which may be so, but nonetheless I think...
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    A new time killer

    This board has a neat feature, that helps to kill time, its the online users section that tells what people are doing at the time. I and my compatriots here have become accustomed to opening a window and watching what people are doing, then we bet on what they will do next or the general concept...
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    One handed compressions

    As a time saver, I do compressions during CPR one handed, to free my other hand for settin up IVs, mesin with the monitor, radio callins, etc.. THe compressions are good, before anyone asks, strong pulses and good monitor show. The trick is that I dont push, I rock my wrist down (I swing hammers...
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    The Paragod Syndrome

    So, I am an Intermediate, in an advanced system, and Im happy where I am at for the time being, I have no reason to go ALS in an ILS system that offers me the opportunity to do most everything within my scope, ALS would atrophy in this area. Down the road, if my system goes ALS or I work...
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    Loss of State Testing results in poor student scor

    So, thanks to Chicago Fire getting caught cheating, The state of Illinois yanked their EMT tests across the board. The problem is there were multiple courses in progress geared toward the state test rationale. So now the students taking the replacement national tests are having poor results...
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    What makes you proud?

    I would like to hear what makes you proud to be a part of EMS about your EMS system and even your sevice you work for (if there is anything about your service) Im proud to be part of a progressive ILS system that gives ALS a run for their money while still allowing its BLS aspect to excel. (to...