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  1. c-spine

    poem critique?

    Hey all. Some of the flow is off in this, but I'm working on it...slowly but surely. :wacko: Any critiques or ideas to make the flow better? I know some of you are fire-fighters... so if there is anything in there that's WAY off from common/standard procedures, please let me know? Thanks...
  2. c-spine


    So I'm trying to find a t-shirt to get a paramedic/firefighter friend of mine for christmas. he is married so it can't be anything racy... and besides; it's not like that... :P I found 2 tshirts I really like... but which one? "when the beast is raging.....tame it" "Some show courage...
  3. c-spine


    So what's up with the "rivalry" between cops, firefighters and emts/medics? In some cases, it seems more like barely-contained hatred. And it's not just the individual; it's the person in the uniform. I mean you have an emt walk into a room with a cop, and said emt does all he can to make sure...
  4. c-spine

    to all the probies here...

    I missed most of the "I'm new" threads.... so welcome to EMT-Life from me!! :P
  5. c-spine

    Women's Gall's EMT pants

    Brand new women's EMT pants by Gall's, bought them off Ebay but the crotch hangs WAY too low for me. They are size 12 x 31 (which equals about size 5 in womens pants). I'd like to sell them for the same price; $22 for the pants, $5 for shipping.
  6. c-spine


    Ok... placement of the groin straps... Last year in my class, we were told to really see-saw them, and to get them in the crack, "like a thong." This year, I was trying to teach the new basics to do that, and heard from the grapevine that one of the students said I had "something up my crotch"...
  7. c-spine

    odd scenario?

    A paramedic friend of mine was telling me about a run he had been on the other morning. Said they were paged out for a 36 year old PNB female. Got on scene, found a 33 year old PNB female, cool to the touch, with her jaw clenched shut. He said that the other medic tried everything to get an...
  8. c-spine

    things you will never live down

    We've all got those stupid things we've done or said that someone remembers. Those stupid things that we will NEVER live down.. What are they? Last year in my basic class, my partner and I, (before the b***h abandoned me); were in the cardiac station. My "patient" was having difficulty...
  9. c-spine

    first alone call

    So I'm 9 miles away from my mom's house, heading back to my dad's house so I could go to work this morning. I was on the road a little after 8:30. I had my radio in my car, and (as I said), I was about 9 miles or so away. I heard our tones go off so I pulled my car to a stop. All I heard was the...
  10. c-spine

    animated avatars?

    how do you make them work? I found one (the purple hippo riding the pony saying "i'd hit it") but how do you get it so it's animated?
  11. c-spine

    stuttering kitty

    Thanks CelticTigress for this... got it from your myspace... :ph34r: A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. "Human beings are the only animals that stutter", she says. A little girl raises her hand. "I had a kitty-cat who stuttered", she volunteered. The...
  12. c-spine

    EMS = Perversion?

    This may be a really dumb question - but are there any EMS professionals that aren't perverted? I'm an instructor's aide in the EMT-B class that I just graduated from. It's both Tuesday and Thursday nights with 2 different classes. Tuesday, one of the aides is hounding me to sleep with him. I...
  13. c-spine


    I GOT MY STATE LICENSE TODAY!!!!! :wub: I can officially run with my group of first responders now!! :beerchug: Ok, so I'm just a little bit excited right now... I've waited over 2 months for my license...and i got it!! I'd hug my mailman if I knew who he was... ^_^
  14. c-spine

    where does "paramedic" come from?

    What language or country of origin does "paramedic" come from... and what does it mean? Not the definition of the word... but... you know what I mean? :unsure:
  15. c-spine

    Flight 93

    Just got done watching Flight 93, mopped up my face, and decided to write my "review" on it. I don't know how to put it into words. I don't want to say "it's a great film" because it portrays a horrible event in American history. But personally, I think it is a good movie. It portrays the...
  16. c-spine

    I know the answer...but...

    My best friend was killed in a car accident 2 years ago tomorrow. He was riding in the back seat of his grandparents' car with his little brother; and grandparents were in the front. A pickup truck hit them going approximately 83 mph (according to the experts). The back seat was pushed up an...
  17. c-spine

    let's remodel the world in red tape.

    So I sent in for my state license 2 months ago. I've talked to people who said they've gotten it back in as little as 2 weeks, and as long as a month. I'm getting frustrated, so I called the state's department of health/ems stuff. Know what I get? An answering machine. Well... at least we know...
  18. c-spine

    common c-spine procedures

    A friend of mine got into a car accident today and I went into the ER shortly after she got there. She was still on the board with the head blocks and c-collar, etc. The doctor came in after however long, and the first thing he did was remove the head blocks. Ok... no problem. Then he...
  19. c-spine

    Spinal immobilization doing harm? This is a very interesting study on spinal immobilization. Raises a few good questions, at any rate.
  20. c-spine

    Warning Labels

    Find out what your screen name says about you. "IN THE INTEREST OF SAFETY IT IS ADVISABLE TO KEEP C-SPINE AWAY FROM FIRE AND FLAMES"