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  1. rmabrey

    Police taze Alzhaimer's Pt|+Indianapolis%2C+IN+-+News%29 Looking past the liberal sensationalism of the article, I really see nothing wrong with the...
  2. rmabrey

    Chest tube in an existing wound

    Has anyone ever seen a chest tube inserted into an existing wound? To paint the picture, it was a knife wound to the upper left lung. My biggest question is why? particularly since the Pt would obviously need surgery there.
  3. rmabrey

    Narcan or not

    The other night my partner and I get called to an unconscious 20 y/o male, bystanders cant tell if hes breathing or not. We get on scene and the Volly FD for the area has every truck they run on scene. Walk in, Pt is unconscious, on a backboard w/ OP airway and FD is bagging. Bystanders...
  4. rmabrey

    Ever treat a 4 legged patient??

    Yesterday my partner and I were dispatched to an animal bite, and were told PD and animal control were on the way and the dog was locked up. Pulling up to the scene I see a woman sitting on the ground covered in blood next to a motionless dog. As a Dog owner my first thought was the cop shot...
  5. rmabrey

    Obtaining Indiana Reciprocity, my troubles

    As some of you have seen, I have had a very difficult time dealing with Indiana DHS, so I thought I would take a moment to explain what I have gone through. I tested and passed NREMT on April 5th. April 15th after ~15 phone calls and 4 emails, I was finally able to get it finalized through the...
  6. rmabrey

    Another NOOB

    Hello From Indiana Soon to be new EMT-B here. Waiting for my contact from Pearson Vue to set up a time for NREMT. I have approx 132 hours of ambulance time and have loved every minute of it (even though I haven't been getting paid :D) Hope to obviously pass the first time around and be...