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  1. Pittsburgh Proud

    Hepatitis A/B immunization????

    Anyone have any clue if one round of shots is good for life or do we need to get them every so often? I've gotten a couple sets just because I couldn't find my damn immunization records... :sad:
  2. Pittsburgh Proud

    Thought I might try something new here.

    Now I did a search on this before starting the thread so either I'm like my son and can't find anything or this has never been do before (Which really surprises me). That's why the search . We have threads like post your tat picture and threads that have us posting our own picture but what...
  3. Pittsburgh Proud

    BVR Training

    I did basic vehicle rescue training 20 years ago and now am 1/3 of the way threw the class again. Here in PA we do part one (awareness) Part2 (operations) part 3 (technician). Years ago we never had to worry about things like air bags etc. B) I was wonder what do the other states do? Is there a...
  4. Pittsburgh Proud

    DNR orders

    After reading the AMR thread this comes to mind. Just something to talk about. I enjoy doing on line con ed. I have way more that I ever need to recert but I like doing them in the evening to relax and learn. I did a con ed on DNR Orders here in PA and I understand each state might be...
  5. Pittsburgh Proud

    Amusement parks

    Anyone care to share any time they have done working at there local amusement parks in there area? Looks like I am going to score some per diem work at one of our local parks this summer. I was told it was boring and be ready to hand out band aids and Tylenol all day long but be ready fora...
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    Check this out It's here in the lounge anyone want to share a comment on this....It happens a lot around here.
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    Wiring a light bar?

    Can anyone tell me do I have to wire each switch separately or can I jump hot and ground wires from switch to switch?:wacko::unsure: If I do that I would only have 3 wires exiting the switch box. Please take a second and look at the diagram I am trying to upload and please let me know if this...
  8. Pittsburgh Proud

    Religion and the star of life.

    Question for those that might know the bible better than I. The very first ems job I worked when I was 16 was for a born again Christian and on the arm patch of our uniforms was two quotes from the bible regarding where the snake and staff came from. I want to say John something was one but...
  9. Pittsburgh Proud

    What do you call an ambulance?

    Thought it might be fun or different to hear all the names you might call an ambulance, not "truck" or "bus" but slang type of terms like "band aid box" or something along those lines. :P
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    Whats your 2nd job if you have one?

    After posting on Capt.Hook's thread about wages in EMS I was wonder how many other work a second job and what it might be. I myself am a graphic designer and an EMT. :P
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    A deer hit me

    Yes, I didn't hit the deer it hit me. I'm 40 years old, driving since I was 16, drive fire trucks, ambulances and in my younger days would blue light like crazy and never had an accident. So yesterday at 4:50 am I was traveling down the road when a deer came out of no here and hit me in the...
  12. Pittsburgh Proud

    Old school

    OK so the question is with these new monitors etc. do you ever do a manual Bp or actually take a pulse? I had mentioned in another post that I have been in and out of running ems call for 24 years and past couple of years got back into things. With these new monitors I find everyone goes...
  13. Pittsburgh Proud


    I was wondering what the procedures were for others and what kind of paperwork they had. For example I work for an emergency service and transfer service. On the transfer call we collect a hospital discharge or transfer sheet, A medical need sheet for the ambulance, try to get a face sheet or...