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  1. dC0m

    NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit Report: Bay Area EMS (8/27)

    I just saw a commercial on NBC Bay Area for their Investigative Unit where they will report on Bay Area EMS. I didn't catch all the details but they claimed they were investigating the "broken EMS system" :lol:. Tune in on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 11pm for the full report (I think this is...
  2. dC0m

    San Francisco / San Diego Folks: Medical Examiner Report help

    Hey guys, I'm about to submit my Medical Examiner Report (CA DL-51), but my primary healthcare hospital wants $70 for it to be completed unless my employer pays for it. I'm not employed yet so it has to come out of my own pocket. Can anyone share where they got theirs done and perhaps at a...