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  1. al.emt

    Stupid Parents

    5mg in 2.5ml. we bagged and suctioned to hospital. wasnt gonna do a BID.
  2. al.emt

    Stupid Parents

    dispatched to house for unresponsive 13 month old not breathing. en route dispatch advises us that pt is breathing just excessive drooling and unresponsive. i get there and family states the pt was having a seizure and the grandmother was told by mother over the phone to give the rectal valium...
  3. al.emt

    9 y/o female headache

    stiff neck??? possible meningitis or flu...
  4. al.emt

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    had a crew respond to a 10-50 the other day and on the way me and my partner are sitting in our lounge and over the dispatch radio you hear for the chopper to be called and all of the sudden you hear "get out of my way you f**ktards!"... i about peed my pants laughing so hard
  5. al.emt

    which clock ?

    you check for tones and quality??? if they got one im happy... brady, nsr, tachy, svt, torsades... idc as long as no chest pain.
  6. al.emt

    What was this?

    hard to know what truly was without seeing the pt and the vitals and history and medications hes on. but seems to be heat exhaustion. could be playing possum for a ride to the ER for some pain meds :rolleyes: you will never know ^_^
  7. al.emt

    AEMT Registry Prep

    same as mookie. passed first try after taking the NR 5 days after the initial class. Seemed pretty simple to me...
  8. al.emt

    NRAEMT Review took the test 5 days after the class and only studied with this and some notes and passed first try.
  9. al.emt

    what Knife do you carry on duty?

    its awesome. love the curved blade. $10 at this small hardware store...
  10. al.emt

    Paramedics as ER techs in Philly?

    i currently work in the hosp as a ER tech and we dont have any specifications of what certification we have to have. we normally hire people who are currently in school (either nursing students or emt students). we have a few people from the floor who are cna's. pay is so-so but exp is good...
  11. al.emt

    Failed The NREMT

    i failed 4 times before i passed. its a hard test. but its also basic. dont overthink the questions (like i did...) and go in order of your Initial Assesment and ABCs. Study your operations and know your role as a emt. Now different types of shocks, stroke, cardio, hypo/erglycemia...
  12. al.emt

    Triage Trainer.

    I have read a few thing about a triage trainer online but cant find where to get it. were goin over WMD and MCI. and its not hard but id like to learn more about Triage. i know how to sort but wanna get deeper into it. anybody know of aything online that does a simulation...
  13. al.emt

    CPR with Knee Pads

    i love my 5.11 pants. wouldn't have anything in the world. the do my knees wonders.
  14. al.emt

    New guy waitin' on school...

    im 19 and 2 months into the EMT-B class. and i love every minute of it. I volunteer for the Rescue Squad and have a job lined up for me at the Huntsville Hospital (level 1 trauma center). Stick with it!!!! its a hard class in that short of time. they shove everything in ur face... i have 2 tests...
  15. al.emt

    What made you join EMS?

    im almost done with my EMT-B and i have to say i started it because of the women. They lke uniforms and sirens. so i figured what the hell... Police get shot at... so that was a no. But hey Paramedics KEEP POLICE ALIVE, so that made my choice. Im a EMT-B and vol. Fire and vol. Rescue Squad and i...