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    Older but new EMT working IFT in Dallas, is this bad for my career? Can I have a career?

    Sob story time: I'm a 36 year old whose life slowly fell apart over the last decade (lots of family illness one after the other and me trying to keep them out of the nursing home while going to school and work and... etc). I got curious about being an EMT while taking care of my family and...
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    Texas to Oregon EMTB, filling the gaps

    I'm a newly Nationally Registered EMTB in Texas looking to head to the west coast. There are some jobs in Oregon that don't only require my NREMT to start with the understanding that I'd get my Oregon cert soon after. However the scope of practice there is a little wider than Texas. Is there...
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    New EMT, thinking of relocating

    I'm about to be a new-minted EMT in Texas (skills testing this week then NREMT then I'm done), thinking of using my license to leave town, hopefully somewhere on the west coast. Does anyone have any experience with this? Some questions: 1) I've heard practicing in Cali is weird, because you...