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  1. TheLocalMedic

    Cop "saves" an infant with "CPR"

    Is anyone else bothered by this kind of stuff? So an officer shows up to "save the day" for what I imagine was a report of a pedi code or something (probably just a febrile seizure, but good for him for caring enough to show up). News reports that he resuscitated the infant with CPR, but...
  2. TheLocalMedic

    Medic pronounces still-breathing woman dead

    So this happened: Kinda makes you want to facepalm, doesn't it? I'm curious if anyone else has heard of similar incidents.
  3. TheLocalMedic

    Sodium Nitroprusside for cardiac arrest

    Alright, so there's an active thread about Epi and Vasopressin up right now, but I'm curious about a completely different theory behind the pharm we use in cardiac arrests. I recall seeing some studies about Sodium Nitroprusside that were performed, indicating that a in the presence of good...
  4. TheLocalMedic

    Man injured after half-ton of bacon falls on him

    Have you ever heard of such a delicious injury? I like how the report notes that his cholesterol level is yet unknown
  5. TheLocalMedic

    What is causing this seizure?

    Good one from this past month: 30's female found actively seizing in a really crappy "home" (read: tweaker pad) that has virtually no furniture in it. Patient's "husband" says that she has been seizing for "about an hour", seizures off and on and "not making sense" between seizures (read...
  6. TheLocalMedic

    Modified Chest Leads

    So, although 12-lead is the standard of care for virtually everywhere now, I work for a company operating in a fairly rural/wilderness area that has yet to get with the program and get us anything more advanced than a simple three lead monitor. The nearest STEMI receiving facility from my...
  7. TheLocalMedic

    Hands On Defibrillation

    Has anyone else seen this video? Very interesting, and potentially game changing if we start doing this. I did accidentally get a little zap once as an EMT, and although it was startling it certainly didn't stop me from jumping right...
  8. TheLocalMedic

    Favorite Pranks

    EMS is one of the best environments for pranking coworkers, and at my current company we put a lot of time into pulling off good and complicated pranks. What are some of your favorites? We have a newbie who thought it was funny to try and jump out and scare us all the time. He was warned to...
  9. TheLocalMedic

    Have you ever unintentionally laughed at a patient?

    We've all done it. Everyone who has worked for any length of time in EMS has had that patient that has done something so bizarre or wacky that we can't help but laugh out loud. What's yours? Mine was a call where we got called out for "an entrapment". We arrived at scene to find a young...
  10. TheLocalMedic

    Medic spins out

    Even the best of us have bad days, but some seem to have worse days than others... Last week, a medic I know had one of these worse days, and now she's under some serious scrutiny. She had two patients at the same scene, a woman who was unconscious in diabetic ketoacidosis and her husband...