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    Illuminated Address Numbers (or lack of)

    My thoughts and he never posted again with a price...
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    Need help...really bad!!!

    Number one rule, Scene Safety. Lesson learned. An EMT card don't make you an EMT but truck time and lessons like this do. :cool: Protect your ***.
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    Illuminated Address Numbers (or lack of)

    I'm pre gps era and don't depend on them. I'm a 25 year ems worker and a 20 year fulltime sign maker. First thing I think of what the cost is? I know fire departments here will sell a 040 peice of allumin with refective material on it and refective numbers. Hit it with your spotlight and they...
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    Hepatitis A/B immunization????

    Thanks, I was wondering if you had them 2 times inside of 6 or so years. But it sounds like it is just fine, never really knew long they were good for. Didn't think much about it. Thanks for the input We all get them for free here.
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    Hepatitis A/B immunization????

    Anyone have any clue if one round of shots is good for life or do we need to get them every so often? I've gotten a couple sets just because I couldn't find my damn immunization records... :sad:
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    Where has commonsense gone?

    I'm sure it was posted in the above posts that I didn't read but common sense isn't so common any more....:rolleyes:
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    Why Are You an EMT?

    25 years ago I took my EMT class for the simple reason of wanting to help the community in which I live. I have been both paid and a volley over the years. Never been interested in being a medic as this was most of the time a part time job. Never was sorry for doing what I did. I have had to...
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    Use of Personal Equiment while working

    Damn Rider, I should have read before posting....
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    Use of Personal Equiment while working

    See someone is going to say I have a bad attitude about this and that's fine. For a while I was working for two different services. One a ton of transfers and they had NO Mobil phones in there trucks. Rumor has it they could stop taking calls today and make there payroll of over 200 folks...
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    Littman Classic........... Only way to go. No need to buy a high end one. B)
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    Reflective Vests on the Highway - 23 CFR 634

    It's a shame. I went to a fire show this past year where there was an agency that gives away free vest there. I stopped and talked with the gentleman for a few minutes and watched a video they had showing on the TV right there. The video showed a fireman with full bunker gear on in a dark night...
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    Reflective Vests on the Highway - 23 CFR 634

    I carry mine in the truck for every shift and keep it looped on my gear bag in the back of the suv. Any accident we pull up on it is on. I like staying alive.B)
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    ems pratical jokes

    The Craig's list is pretty cool, I'd be worried about shorting something out with the fuse box but that would be funny....
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    Murphy's Law

    LOL or Puke.......been there a few times....:P
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    Murphy's Law

    When one falls in the bathroom why do always drop between the tub and commode? That tight little spot that it is....
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    Making Extra Money

    Our area here we have quite a few folks working for multiple agencies. I have sat with administrators and heard them tell the people to Eran a living you may have to work multiple services. All good points and interesting to see the way it is looked at in other areas.
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    Theme Song Needed....

    Happen to have a link or a place we can check it out?
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    What does your agency ride in...

    Love to see a shot of the inside. Interesting truck for sure....
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    Gay in EMS?

    Yep, I too have said I could care less but I do care what your skill level is.... Black, white, male, female, straight or gay I honestly could care less.... Are you good at what you do? I'm all about top notch skills....
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    Thought I might try something new here.

    DARN IT!!!!! Alright so I can't reach for S@^&!!!!! :P Sorry folks, what can I say. B) It happens.;)