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  1. Scout

    Thanks button.

    Might be a nice addition.
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    Live Chat

    Is it dead, or am I just not frequenting the establishment at the appropriate times?
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    FDA and lifepack 15

    Can anyone say woops?
  4. Scout

    Man gets hit by train Man gets hit by train on abandoned track. Truly disturbing stuff
  5. Scout

    Waashington State Shooting

    Four police officers have been shot dead in an ambush at a coffee shop in Washington State, police say
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    Partners healthcare.

    Does any one here work for, work with, or have any opinion on this company. Thinking of applying for a job in their Information Systems dept. Just looking for some views
  7. Scout

    Checking eyes

    Question came up regarding checking Pts eyes. Why do you cover the opposite eye, off the top of my head i could not think of the answer.
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    Can anyone tell me if there is much physical space inside an AED, I'm thinking someone here has broken one at some stage? Also if you have will you say which AED model it was
  9. Scout

    car crushed by truck
  10. Scout

    Clip on braces

    While not exactly EMS related. Anyone know where one can buy a pair of heavy duty clip on braces for pants. looking to get them for a pair of rain pants i bought but they are have a habit of dropping down at the back. Should have bought salopettes:glare:
  11. Scout

    Oxygen Contra Indications

    Has anyone heard of a Bleomycin lung injury being a Conta indication for 02 admin They are coming in in our new protocalls, and TBB its the first I've heard of it. Anyone care to hop in on this. Is it normal?
  12. Scout

    Wandering topics

    There are a number of topics in various forums here that tend to drift off their original topic and tend to contain some quality posts. An example at the moment is the "What is that device" albeit a poor enough example, Would it be an idea to split these threads so that the now and often...
  13. Scout

    Arsonist gets death for death of 5 FF

    A California man convicted of the 2006 arson murders of five U.S. Forest Service firefighters was sentenced to death Friday. Linky
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    At home to die.

    You get called to a house. Pt was discharged form hospital to pass away in peace, full DNR etc. Breathing gets a bit difficult and you are called. You decide based on the pt condition that a bit of o2 would be of benefit. Pt does not want to go back to hospital and expects to die that night...
  15. Scout

    Judge a book by its cover? I'm not one to watch these programs but WOW.
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    Chest pain not what it may seem A five-centimeter fir tree has been found in the lung of a man who complained he had a strong pain in his chest and was coughing blood.
  17. Scout

    Plane Crash Hudson river

    Link Plane has crashed into hudson. More to follow Looks like they were very lucky
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    After several conversations with different members i'm just wondering how many people have Irish connections, or are Irish themselves.
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    Ems vs fire, fire win

    At an annual company picnic, the EMS company always played a game of softball with the local fire department. This year the fire dept won, 8-4. But on the bulletin board the next morning was the following notice. The EMS company is proud to announce that upon the conclusion of this year's...
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    Funny signs