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  1. ChewyEMS13

    Application response times?

    Hey guys. I applied to a couple ambulance services to get my career in EMS started. I was just wondering about the length of time it takes for services to "get back" to you. The reason I ask is that I am very intent on starting my career out as soon as possible for various reasons. I also have...
  2. ChewyEMS13

    Recently Certified, Looking for a job (Central Valley, CA)

    Heya guys! So after a weekend of waiting around twittling my thumbs, I found out I passed the National Registry. I got all my certifications and I am ready to get out into the workforce! My question is about the hiring process of companies in the Central Valley of California (Stanislaus, Merced...
  3. ChewyEMS13

    Continuous Facial Bleeding with CSpine

    Hey y'all. I've got a little scenario that came across my mind. I don't know how common it is (or we practical/possible) but humor me. Let's say there was serious trauma to the face or neck with the need for spinal immobilization. The bleeding keeps filling the upper airway and you continue to...
  4. ChewyEMS13

    Ride Along/Hospital Clinical Tips?

    hey y'all... I'm just about ready to sign up for my ride along clinical as well as my ER shift clinical. Any tips, tricks, or stories? Any areas to particularly pay attention to? How can I be a good ride along/shadow? Get the most bang for my buck without sounding too loud? Thanks!
  5. ChewyEMS13

    A little help for the new EMT?

    Hey y'all. So I'm about halfway through my EMT-B course, and I;m doing really well. I have a 95% in the class so far, but I am concerned a bit.. A lot of the questions on the test are quite easy, and I feel like they don't reflect the real world accurately at all. For example, I had my cousin...
  6. ChewyEMS13

    Questions about 911, BLS, and ALS.

    Hey guys. This might seem like a noob question, but that's because it is! I'm starting my EMT-B class soon, and I want to start thinking about employment. After reading through some of the threads in this forum, EMS is a lot more complex than what I had thought. Can a newly graduated EMT-B (with...
  7. ChewyEMS13

    Questions about EMT-B timeline.

    Hey, y'all. I'm a new guy on here, just created an account. I've been cycling through the threads and wanted to start an account. Great site, I love it. Now that pleasantries are out of the way, I have a question in of itself has a couple questions: I am starting my EMT-B class on Thursday...