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  1. Tommerag

    What's up everyone?

    So it's been about 8 months since I've been on here!!!!! How is everyone doing? Probably to many people I don't know.
  2. Tommerag

    Hospital Based EMS

    Hey everyone. I am looking for some feedback as to hospital based EMS systems. I am by no means new to EMS, those of you that know that already, but this is my first time with a hospital based ambulance system. Any feedback on this for me? Like, not like? How was the pay to surrounding EMS...
  3. Tommerag

    STEMI Care and Mission lifeline, South Dakota

    Hey everyone I figured I would post this under general ems. Here is a link to a video the shot here in South Dakota about STEMI care here in such a big state. The video is about 15 minutes long. If you guys have any questions about anything in the video ask away...
  4. Tommerag

    Osama Bin Laden, is Osama ben better now

    If you haven't heard on the news yet they are saying the US has killed Bin Laden and they have his body and have confirmed it. Outstanding thought I would share the good news.
  5. Tommerag

    Not EMS, but still sad

    Just happened around here today.
  6. Tommerag

    Artificial food colors make ADHD worse?

    So I just saw this on the news. CNN Article Does anyone thing this is possible? I don't really but I dont have a chemistry background to full understand either.
  7. Tommerag

    For Profit Colleges

    So I watched Frontline: College, Inc. I would recommend watching this, especially if you consider going to an online college. They say its easier and more convenient for students. Perhaps. It's pointed out that these colleges are usually more expensive then most private schools. $30,000 for a...
  8. Tommerag

    Medic Classes and Cadaver labs

    Had my first medic class today and they said that they are starting to do cadaver labs with their paramedic classes now. I'm pretty excited about doing this. They aren't requiring that you have to do them, because "Some people just cant handle it." Personally I think they should require everyone...
  9. Tommerag

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I was just browsing and found this story. This makes me sick. Anyone else think there should be a test you have to take before you can have kids? Or just me haha
  10. Tommerag

    And now onto............

    Paramedic School!!!! Got accepted into paramedic school and start class on Feb 12th pretty excited for this.
  11. Tommerag

    Paramedic School Entrance Requirements

    Hey everyone, I was curious what did some of you have to do to get into paramedic school? Was it basically first to apply first in? Or was there anything else? I have an interview tomorrow for paramedic school, along with the interview I also have to take a test, and there is a general Q&A...
  12. Tommerag

    And we finally have..............

    The iPhone for verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else pumped about this announcement? Not to mention it will have a mobile hot spot built in which you can connect up to 5 computers to.
  13. Tommerag

    New iPhone accessory

    Check this out a BP cuff for the iphone/touch.
  14. Tommerag


    Anyone else like to read and I'm talking recreational reading no types of medical books haha. I'm looking for reading suggestions as I've read ally my books several times over.
  15. Tommerag

    Whats up

    Been reading this forum for a while and finally decided to sign up, thought I'd say hey.