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    Saying howdy

    hey guys -- just coming by and letting ya know how my emt-b class is going. i have an A! woooo! so yeah. i'm doing good. we just finished radio comms and next week we start pharmacology. later
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    It's 12:21am here in Illinois. I'd like to be the first to celebrate! :) Happy Thanksgiving! :D
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    How many of these do you have to learn? I'm a rookie at this so go easy on me...:(
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    EMT Job interviews

    Is interviewing for an EMT job any different than any other job? Let's say for example someone is coming straight out of school and into the job market, how would they approach marketing themselves? I'm guessing gpa in their EMT course and any past experiences? I sort of lost, anything would...
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    Say What???

    How many times have you been in your truck on a scene and heard the most ridiculous thing and wish you had it on tape. here are some of the craziest! BTW: names and units have sometimes been changed... -------------------------------- ON THE RADIO: 54V: This is a Family dispute, send PD we...
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    Ever Notice...

    Ever Notice..... A FF/Medic/EMT can never finish a sentence without using a 10-code instead of a word. The one time you take something off your belt will be first time you need it in months. Your relief is only late when you want to leave early. How much work slang becomes a part of your...
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    Nitro Man

    I found this on an online newspaper. They had it under the Humor section which was weird.... "We responded to a 45 Y/O male who called 911 because he felt weak and light headed. We arrived on scene to find a 200 pound male lying in bed. He states that the only medical problem he has is angina...
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    When God Made Paramedics

    When God Made Paramedics When the Lord made Paramedics, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one." And the Lord said, "Have you read the specs on this order? A paramedic has to be able to carry an injured...
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    Veteran's Day

    Kudos to all Veterans! :) ...belated as it is. Sorry I was out celebrating with my dad.
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    Flight Medic

    So I was researching this career and was wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience with this or knows anything about it. I know it's different state to state but anything will help... :)
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    A bad one

    Ok, I used to live in Puerto Rico for about 5 years...anyway, I was at a tollbooth waiting to pay...paid, exiting the tollbooth and a car darts across the lanes. Ok...sideways across the lanes. Not the car, but driving across them. Now this is in a metropolitan city so there's tons of...
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    Board ranks

    Hey I was just looking around at everyone's rank on the board. I was wondering what all the ranks are. Just curious... :)
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    EMT Life

    Just Another Day In Emergency Medical Services I delivered a baby on the ambulance gurney; I baptized a newborn whose life ended before it began. I hugged a frightened child; I was kissed by an intoxicated old man. I held the hand of a teenage girl as she delivered a 3-pound baby; I...
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    *Peeks in*

    Hey everyone! Just small intro...let's see...I'm 20, M, very interested in pursuing an EMT career, and love helping people. An Eagle Scout, College Junior, found out halfway through my English degree I didn't want to teach. Needed more action and variety. Turned onto EMT field by fiance's...