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    Critical care / Flight paramedic programs in california?

    FP-C is no longer a CAMTS requirement.
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    What was your first 911 call?

    First EMS job was back in 2001 for an obese male cardiac arrest crumpled over in his tiny bathroom at home. While I was flapping about trying to figure out how to get access to him, forum member mgr22 backed my crew up and casually pronounced him expired for quite some time. I still emphasize...
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    AKFlightmedic is now a ..... R.N. !!

    Congratulations. Like you, I obtained both my RN and paramedic by doing the full courses, but I did RN first. I'm still using both to this day...15 years later. Now go get your CFRN so we can start a thread on how easy the FP-C is in comparison 🤪🤪
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Negative. But I have seen them in and around the Yale / Bridgeport area.
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    I think I failed :(

    Congratulations... on reviving an 11 year old thread. ... And of course, passing [emoji106]
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    London Ambulance Hiring: need assistance

    Probably few to no LAS bods here on a regular basis. There are some UK lurkers, but they have their own version of this forum if you do a google search. I have a reasonable grasp of UK EMS, as do a few other US-based people here, so your specifics may still be able to be answered.
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    NYC Covid EMT surge staffing job

    Some nurses are making way more than that.. .
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    Why Burn first aid is as important as any advanced life support treatment and why US EMS stinks at burn first aid.

    Now you are just trolling for the sake of it. I was going to keep out of this thread, but you are generalizing about not only the US EMS system, but yours too. First off, your healthcare isn't free. Not even close. There may be components of it which are not billed at the point of use, but...
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    Anyone recognize this condition?

    Well, it's becoming increasingly evident that his last name is 'Brown'.
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    FP-C renew question

    I have a co-worker who renewed his FP-C recently and his online verification also showed an expiration date of 2027. After about 2 weeks it was corrected to 2023 without him having to do or say anything. Simple typo.
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    Brown from the dead

    Hi. Wondering how things had turned out for you. Glad to see that you have moved on to something less soul-sucking than health care.
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    Australian paramedic to US (California)

    This is the single most important consideration for what you are looking to do. Getting a job is the easy part; there are probably a few forum members who could hook you up with a job over here. What they can’t do is facilitate an H1B visa (or an E3 in your case as an Australian), nor persuade...
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    Survival Flight Ohio Fatal HEMS crash

    # 5. I can’t comment as to the validity of this picture. However, on the off chance that it is legitimate, their whole operation needs to be shut down.
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    Australian paramedic to US (California)

    What visa do you have that will allow you to live and work in the USA?
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    To Propofol or Not to Propofol?

    I believe that Paramedic Practitioners in SECAMB (UK, NHS) have, or had, the ability to do digital nerve blocks for wound care to the fingers in the field. Not sure if anyone other than doctors are doing femoral nerve blocks for lower extremity fractures, but I believe it was at least...
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    Moving to NYC as a Paramedic

    Possibly. Why limit yourself? There are several hospital-based systems that pay more and will let you do 911 (same protocols as FDNY), transport, and critical care.
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    Tncc prep

    I refreshed mine last month. Your course coordinator will provide you with the only text book you will need - the TNCC textbook. You may also be supplied with access to a few ‘special populations’ modules, which should be completed prior to the start of the course. In addition, you can access a...
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    Part time EMTs and Paramedics

    I know many medics and EMTs who work part time or per diem. Of note, is a captain for Southwest Airlines, and someone who owns his own insurance company. I am currently a per diem RN working full time as a paramedic. As has been mentioned, as long as all competencies are maintained (and no one...
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    Northshore, now Northwell, don’t.