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    I'm BAAAAAACCCCK!!!!!!

    Hello all, after a LOOOOOOOOONG hiatus, I'm back! It was all personal life stuff, and has since calmed WAY down, whooooohooooo. (for any who knew what was going on, I'll be celebrating the end of it all on 3/12, can't wait!) So, I'll be around, ahhhh, it's good to be home
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    Ug, I'm supposed supposed to be up in 3 hours, but, I'm up now. Can't sleep, thanks to a weird dream that woke me up.... (why am I having a weird dream about work anyway????) Someone put me to sleep for a couple more hours, please!
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    Ladies and Gentleman....

    Ladies, Gentleman, I have something I would like to share. Frequent chatters know that I've had a lot going on in my life lately. In order to effectively deal with such issues, I am stepping down from my Chat Host duties. I will still poke in on occasion, as I'm able. It's been wonderful...
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    Someone keep me awake, please!!!!

    Ya'll, I need a favor. I'm trying to flip my sleep schedule, if there's anyone awake out there, amuse me, please :)
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    Relay For Kids - shameless begging

    So, most of ya'll know that I'm currently in Basic school. The program I am attending has a community service component. This term, one of the activities we are participating in is fund raising for an event called Relay For Kids. Relay For Kids benefits the local Ronald McDonald House...
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    Yet another "new here" post

    Hello, my "name" is Sapphyre, and, yup, I'm new here. I've been lurking for a few days, reading up. I hope to be starting my EMT-B course on the 20th of this month, don't know for sure if I'll get in the class, as they haven't opened registration yet (midnight tonight, counting down)...