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  1. Alpha752


    Does anyone subscribe to JEMS? I was reading through one while on clinical yesterday, and it had some good articles. Is it worth subscribing to? Thanks, Russ
  2. Alpha752

    Another first completed

    Well, today we had our first IV lab. We practiced on dummys for about 2 hours. After were (or so we thought) proficient, someone jokingly asked the lab instructor if we could try on him. He agreed! That started a chain reaction. The instructors agreed to let us try IV's on them, and...
  3. Alpha752


    Hi, I am an EMT-B (in Medic School), but I am not currently working as an EMT. I am working a security job, while in Medic school. Today I had a call come in for a woman possible having a Heart Attack. I called 911 and then went out to check. (bear in mind I was acting as a Security...
  4. Alpha752


    Looks like Gmail has sent me some invites. Should anyone be intrested, let me know by replying here. For those of you who havnt heard about gmail, its a new free email program from Google. It offered 1GB storage, and a searched based system (never delelte emails again, or thats what they...
  5. Alpha752

    Medic School

    Howdy all. I just got accepted to Paramedic class. I know this has been discussed before, but I kinda wanted to give any new members teh chance to help out a poor kid. So.... any suggestions? Comments? Anything at all? I am currently an NREMT-B, but have had difficulty securing employment in...
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    What do you prefer? A scope with dual tubes, or only one. I have hear that with 2 tubes, they rub together and make noise. True? I just got a nice stethoscope as a present, but its a dual tube. I also have a cheap monotube that I used in school. Which would be better? I seem to hear...
  7. Alpha752

    Private or Public

    The topic of Private companies Vs. Public departments is an old one. However, I wanted to see what this groups take on it is. Who do you work for? Pros/Cons either way? I am new out of school, and am looking at starting off at a private company. This will help me gain experience, along...