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    EMT Survival Kit

    I have joked for awhile now about putting together a "survival kit" to be presented at the annual banquet. Well, I am the banquet committee chairman again so I am going to make a kit to keep in the squad to pass to the person having "one of those days". So far I have come up with a few items...
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    Mandatory Reporter

    Not sure about other states but the one I work in has made EMS mandated reporters of child and elder abuse. A few days ago I was dispatched to an accidental overdose call. While in route the dispatcher said it may also be an allergic reaction. OK, I guess I'll figure it out when I get there...
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    OHHH My achin' back!

    :blink:So, after learning proper lifting techniques and advising fellow co-workers to learn them, guess who is in bed with a back injury? Me! I am so upset but I have to honestly say that no matter what I would have done I would have hurt my back on this call. I have seen a chiropractor (has...
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    Vital Signs 2008 Buffalo NY

    Anybody go? I went for one day of pre-conference and then the conference. I took the Ped. Trauma class on friday, WOW! The doctor and nurses that gave the classes were amazing. Saturday and Sunday were good too. One drawback, there werent very many vendors.
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    EMS Coloring Pages

    I have been tasked with putting together a coloring book for the kids when we go to public events. Our budget is limited so ordering hundreds of the pre-made books is out. I have done a search on Google and found a few pages but it would take me weeks to sort through all of the links. ANyone...
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    Lefty or Righty?

    I would like to have a poll on here. How many of you are left handed vs. right handed. When I joined the Army way back in 1990 and got to my job training as Military Police I noticed there were quite a few left handers. Since then I have watched people in the medical fields and law enforcement...
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    Rising Fuel Costs

    How are your agencies handling the soaring costs of fuel? We have made it a policy that the rigs can only go out once during your shift to get something to eat. Since most of us are trying to help with keeping the fuel consumption down we drive our own cars or bring stuff to fix from home.