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    Poker and medicine

    I have been playing poker for a long time now and have recently (6 months) been playing Texas Hold 'em on full tilt. while on there, i have met mant EMT's, Medic's, ER RN's and even Docs. I was curious to see howmany people here also play poker online. My screen name on full tilt is the...
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    Lights, Sirens, and Radios

    I have recently Started a business selling lights sirens and radios i am a distributer for whelen, code3, and federal signal. For radios, i sell kenwood and iCom. If anyone is interested, let me know the details and i will get back to you with a price. Zak
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    Helping out

    I was just wondering what your department's policy is on helping out your own members in times of crisis. I found out my departments the hard way. On August 6th at 08.45 hrs, my house burnt to the ground. My squad and county OEM have gotten together and created a monitary assistance fund. The...
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    what do you think

    You are dispatched to a residence for a "Respiratory Emergency" with ALS. It takes 6 mins to get the ambulance out the door. 1 EMT and 1 FR. Dispatch Report : "56 y/o M c/o respiratory distress, and profuse sweating" Arrival : mid 50's M tri-podding on couch, general pallor, wetter than the...
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    Missing in action

    Sorry to have dissappeared... I have been going through a lot recently. But i'm back... vor now. you guys have been in the thoughts. I'll be here on occasion, tho not as often as i once was.
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    The Chat Room

    I will be posting times when the Bar is open in the chat room... stop by often... and even if it's not open, feel free to come in.
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    The 2-Headed Monster

    i've been trying to figure this one out for a while... What are you're thoughts?
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    I've got a secret...

    and if i tell the Capt might kill me. Can i get some assistance from her cronies in protecting me?
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    This is a copy of an article that was written for the Stony Brook Press: Snagged in the Act! By The Lunatick As a Critical Care EMT and volunteer firefighter, I've always enjoyed the surprises that we often encounter on emergency calls. But even in my wildest dreams (believe me, they're...
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    5000!!!!!!went to me quite a few posts ago... hehe
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    College Frat Party gone bad!!!

    A 21-year-old man was hospitalized in intensive care in Murdoch, Australia (near Perth), in December following a barroom stunt in which he put on a helmet connected to a beer jug, with a hose that ran between the jug and a pump powered by an electric drill. The idea was to facilitate drinking a...
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    I think something was missed

    Anyone happen to catch what happened to post 4500? It was skipped over without any mention. I don't even think Chimp got it.
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    Pt. 92 y/o f CAOx3 Baseline: Alert, Ambulatory w/ assistance, HTN of 140/80 Current: Post fall x2 found on floor x2, lethargic, slow to respond needs prompting for answers, non-ambulatory V/S - 1 P 88 R 28 B/P 70/p SaO2: 91% R/A V/S-2 P: 90 R: 24 B/P: 80/40 SaO2: 92% on 6 N/C No injuries...
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    Ever wonder what it is like to read that you have died? I did yesterday My death certificate???? One of my hobbies is singing. This IS me, but I am not dead. I am wondering how I am going to convince these people that I am not dead when I call. :blink:
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    Interesting Rescue Trucks

    One for the Volly's This is a new one to me... I want to see if any one else has the same thoughts as me :lol:
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    It's the big one!!!!

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    Medical Helocopter Crashes... Kills 5

    ELKO - Mechanical problems did not contribute to the Aug. 21 Access Air Ambulance helicopter crash that claimed the lives of five people, according to initial findings by the National Transportation Safety Board. "They have initially ruled out any mechanical failures," Jim Hutchens, president...
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    I just got off a call where my Pt. was having petit-mal seizures followed by vomitting. I have never seen that nor heard of that before. I was curious as to weather any of you have. Pt 94y/o P: 79 R:10 SpO2:95% r/a B/P: 140/60
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    Unemployment Arbitration

    I just went through a hearing on weather or not I get unemployment benefits. I did win this time, but wanted to know if anyone else has had this experience with their employers.
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    Wanted... Info on NREMT-B

    I have been thinking about taking my NR test. But I want to know if there is any way around taking a refresher course. Can anyone help me with information on this?