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  1. EMTBandit

    Tattoos in ems

    I don't really see the big deal with having tattoos while being on an Ambulance or any other job for that matter. I've had very pleasant conversations with patients talking about their tattoos. I may see the problem that management or other higher up may have with them, but as long as they...
  2. EMTBandit

    Rising Fuel Costs

    Hasn't effected us so far at all. Everything is still as it usually goes. But I foresee some problems coming in the future.
  3. EMTBandit

    anybody see the advertisements for 'the moment of truth' on fox

    Ha. Yeah. Theres only about 3 shows I like on that network. 24, The Simpsons, and Family Guy. If there not on, im not watching TV or im tuned to something else. ^_^
  4. EMTBandit

    anybody see the advertisements for 'the moment of truth' on fox

    Just to add a little something and a get a little off track. I find FOX to be one of the worst networks on TV. Even though just about all news stations spew crap on their network, FOX is one of the biggest culprits of this. Not to mention all the "reality" TV shows they come up with each year...
  5. EMTBandit

    Those silly firefighters

    Haha. :P I heard about this on the radio one day on the way to work. I was laughing my a** off and feeling sorry for the poor woman at the same time. Makes you wonder sometimes what people are thinking. Or the lack their of.
  6. EMTBandit

    anybody see the advertisements for 'the moment of truth' on fox

    Agreed. They just keep pumping shows out like that and it cheapens television more than it already is.
  7. EMTBandit

    Weird and Funny Calls over the Radio

    Another one I just thought of. At around 12 or 1 Am our PD got dispatched to someone laying in the middle of the road who was trying to get a "moon-tan". Dispatch: Car 4 and 3, go check out a possible deer running around the middle of the road. Car 4: A doe? Car 3: A deer? Car 4: A female deer?
  8. EMTBandit

    Weird and Funny Calls over the Radio

    We were sitting in our squad building and the scanner was on. We heard two of our officers get dispatched for a domestic at one of the apartment buildings and one of the officers in the background didn't realize he was talking too loud. ^_^ Dispatcher: Quarters to 8 and 4, respond to E...
  9. EMTBandit

    Ring tones!

    I use It's awesome, it has ring tones, wallpapers. Everything I need.
  10. EMTBandit

    Vol. Voice- Looking the part:Why our appearance matters when we’re responding to call

    When I am on duty I always have my squads t-shirt/sweatshirt on and a pair of jeans or ****ie's work pants on. If it's not my duty night and I happen to be away from my house where all my stuff is, when a call comes in and im responding. I usually look pretty decent. Just wearing my t-shirt and...
  11. EMTBandit

    Stupid, Stupid Concerns - Working EMS

    I have the exact same problem. My biggest fear going through EMT School and a bit still now is negotiating my way to and from a call. Maybe what you should look into is do what my squad did. For your city/town make a directions sheet with all of the streets in your area and how to get there from...
  12. EMTBandit

    Do you keep a kit in the car?

    I keep a kit in my trunk with just about what you would find in a first-in bag. Also my stethoscope with an Adult and Pediatric BP cuff, a box of gloves, and a CPR Barrier mask.
  13. EMTBandit

    Xbox360 Rainbow Six Vegas2

    Oh man, we're on a huge kick on video games down at our squad lately. Right now we're playing Condemned 2 with all the lights off late at night. I highly suggest the game, but don't play it alone, it's scary as all heck! lol.
  14. EMTBandit

    Xbox360 Rainbow Six Vegas2

    I just let my Xbox Live run over lol. So I can't play online as of yet. I was thinking about getting this game though. How is it?
  15. EMTBandit

    How many tanks?

    1 Main 1 in primary first in bag 1 in secondary o2 1 in our code bag And 2 spare bottles in the Ambulance. Yea, we got a lot. Works great for fire stand by's.
  16. EMTBandit

    Forum Names

    The first part is easy, im an EMT. But Bandit, comes from the movie "Smokey and the Bandit". I loved that movie and watched it all the time growing up and still like it. Just loved the crazy antics and the way he would always throw the Cops for a loop. As for my signature, I saw the "Annie...
  17. EMTBandit

    What do you call an ambulance?

    Rig or Bus. Or when we see the van ambulance, it's a "vanbulance".
  18. EMTBandit


    Also it's annoying when you run out of fuel in a diesel because than usually you have to bleed all the air out of the lines. Which is a pain. :blink:
  19. EMTBandit

    Worst illness/injury from working?

    Makes my ankle story seem like nothing. :wacko: Good luck with everything.
  20. EMTBandit


    My friend once separated his shoulder during a game of ultimate Frisbee. Ahhh memories. Boys will be boys.