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  1. Medic27

    Psychomotor Exam - EMT-B

    Hello everyone, how many chances does an EMT-B get at the psychomotor exam? I failed some stations because of the bag-valve mask seal, it was really stupid... I just wondered how many retries you officially get? I only have to test off on two, but the proctors did not allow retakes at this...
  2. Medic27

    Basic Life Support - Question of the Day - Medic 27 (#3)

    M27 respond 112 Oceanside Dr. with a chief complaint of difficulty breathing subject advises he is on supplemental portal oxygen.[4:07 AM] You arrive on scene to find a 47 year old male in the tripod position, you approach him and notice he is conscious but only notices you as you call out to...
  3. Medic27

    BLS Support / Daily Scenario / #2 MVC

    "Medic 27 please respond to an MVC roll-over crash, complainant states two vehicles were involved, Medic 28 and Engine 35 are responding." Medic 28 & Engine 35 are on scene, you are given the least critical patient. They expedite transport. Your patient: 27 year old female / seat-belt Chief...
  4. Medic27

    Basic Life Support - Question of the Day - Medic 27

    Scenario: Medic 27 respond to 2122 N. Lakeview Ave, respond to chest pain and possibly disoriented male. Pulse: 128 bpm Respirations: 30 per minute O2 Sat: 95% Blood pressure: 188/102 mmHg Eyes: PERL @ 3 mm LOC: Alert Lung sounds: Crackles/Rales bilaterally Skin: Pale, cool and clammy You...
  5. Medic27

    US National Library of Medicine NIH: Sodium Bicarbonate Case Study

    Link: CONCLUSIONS: In OHCA patients, prehospital SB administration was associated with worse survival rate and neurological outcomes to hospital discharge." What do you all think? "SB was associated with decreased probability of outcomes (adjusted...
  6. Medic27

    27/100 medical conditions/ an EMT should know (help me add them)

    I decided to make a list and to do a little studying I will add some, I'd love for people to throw lots at me. I'm not an expert on anything and certainly not a paramedic but I have been looking on expanding my knowledge before I attempt anything like paramedic school. Any suggestions or things...
  7. Medic27

    Basic Life Support Scenario of the Day

    First of all, I want to know if this is something any EMTs would be interested in at the basic level, possibly advanced too EMT-A's? All credit goes to @bakertaylor28 for starting this idea in the critical care / air medical section. Would anyone follow this or be interested?
  8. Medic27

    AHA Compressions Only?

    Hey everybody, I remember hearing about a study. Not sure how long ago it was, but what I received from it was if there is a single rescuer it is better to do just compressions? Anyone with me on this or maybe I am not remembering something right? 1 Rescuer : 1 Patient