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  1. Iambatman

    Half Face Respirator P100 "life"

    I have a 3M "half mask" with P100 2091 filters. Everything I read says "6 months or 40 hours of use", however that appears to be for industrial use. Does anyone know how long the filters are good for as respiratory protection against Covid-19? Is there a way to "sanitize" these?
  2. Iambatman

    Power Stretchers - Who's not using em?

    Either or; however i have noticed lots of places have the entire loading system
  3. Iambatman

    Power Stretchers - Who's not using em?

    does your service use power stretchers? Who and where areya located? Just trying to take an informal poll
  4. Iambatman

    Beaufort County SC

    Hello! Anyone on here able to tell me anything about Beufort County SC EMS?
  5. Iambatman

    MEDIC: Mecklenburg EMS EMT Pay

    Minimum starting pay for EMT is 15.00/hr.
  6. Iambatman

    Best Decon Fluid?

    What does everyone use to decon and clean floors of rigs? Looking for something that is environmentally friendly, as well as budget friendly. Thanks!
  7. Iambatman

    Mecklenburg EMS - Charlotte NC

    Mecklenburg EMS in Charlotte NC is hiring. They've always got openings, but a recent change by the Mecklenburg County Board Of Commissioners has increased the starting EMT rate to 15.00/hr No experience required.
  8. Iambatman

    North Carolina

    It probably all depends on where you live now, where you want to live, and how "busy " you want to be. I can answer any questions about MEDIC (Mecklenburg EMS) that you might have.
  9. Iambatman

    North Carolina

    wwwmedic911 .com Mecklenburg EMS Agency covers City of Charlotte. they're busy
  10. Iambatman

    South Carolina EMS questions????

    Why SC?
  11. Iambatman

    New Hanover and Dare NC

    Sorry I should have been more specific. Does anyone know or work for the EMS agencies in these counties
  12. Iambatman

    From Louisiana to Charlotte NC Area

    No matter what or where you decide, just make sure you do your homework. Don't "drink the kool-aid "
  13. Iambatman

    New Hanover and Dare NC

    Does anyone know anything about these two counties in NC?