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  1. Alpha752

    We Lost Advanced Airway for BLS

    It is a sad day when life saving tools are removed from competant hands because of politics. This is what I hate about this field. We are out there trying to make a diffrence and help people, and the powers that be are tying our hands behind our back and then asking why we didnt save so and...
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    While were at it, any others that are as good as or better then JEMS?
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    New Features!

    I reitterate my previous comment from your last picture and times it by 2!
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    BLS Intubations

    This reply will not help you at all, but I know in Ohio we, as Basics can Intubate and use CombiTubes. Perhaps you can find stats from states who let Basics do this for your argument. Advanced Airway I think Basics can handle. EKG's are a whole nother kettle of fish. Thats starting to get...
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    Does anyone subscribe to JEMS? I was reading through one while on clinical yesterday, and it had some good articles. Is it worth subscribing to? Thanks, Russ
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    Ideas of New "Laws"

    LOL, im a big guy, 6'3" 265, and in medic class we were working on extractions and KED. The instructor has a sick sence of humor and put me in the back seat of a VW Jetta, and made the smaller students rapidly extricate me. It was quite a sight, but they did it with out too much neck movement...
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    toot your own horn here

    Cool, congrats. I still have a couple months before I get to tackle ACLS. Im worried, but I think ill be fine. I thought you had to take PALS before PEPP? Mabye im thinking about something else. I know my medic school doesnt do PALS, but its a coned thing available as soon as we are done. Russ
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    autonomic dysreflexia

    Wow. Never would have thought of that. Guess Ive got some more studing to do.
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    My first stick

    Hey Lisa, congrats. I just got mine last week. First ones the hardest. Good luck with the rest of your training. Russ
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    Congrats Capn. Good for you! From what ive read in your posts, you seem to deserve it, and im sure you will serve your department well. Russ
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    Another first completed

    Is that what you consider a date? Just kidding :D
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    Another first completed

    Yea, I think its against school policy to stick each other, thats why all the important people disapeared when we started. They sat in their office and said "LALALALA" with their hands over their ears. Unfourtionatly for the other guy, I am the fat guy with hidden veins. :lol: But the way...
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    Arrythmia Identification

    Maria, I cant help you directly. I am only in the 4th week of medic school. The only thing I can think of to help is pick up an ACLS book. That should show you a lot of diffrent things, and even get you a step ahead on drugs to push, should you advance your cert. Sorry, its the best I got. Russ
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    Another first completed

    Well, today we had our first IV lab. We practiced on dummys for about 2 hours. After were (or so we thought) proficient, someone jokingly asked the lab instructor if we could try on him. He agreed! That started a chain reaction. The instructors agreed to let us try IV's on them, and...
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    September 11th

    I will never forget what happened that day. I wear a black band around my badge on the 11th to remember all of the Police, Fire Fighters, EMT's, Security Officers, and civilians that lost their lives that day. God bless them all, and all of us.
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    How many of you are/have been security officers?

    I have worked in Security for several years. When I got out of high school, I was working for an assisted living home, taking care of residents. I decided that I wanted to go back to school to get my AA in Criminal Justice, and be a cop. I decided to get into security as a stepping stone to...
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    Thanks Matt, Ill suggest this to my boss. Russ
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    Luno- as a security guard I would NOT do any invasive or ALS procedures. In my current capasity I am limited to BLS only. However, I am trying to get myself in the mindset of a paramedic. Thats where that comment came from, I was trying to think of what would happen if I were a medic on duty...
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    Thanks everyone. I talked to my medic instructor as well, and he said the same as y'all, theres not much to do. Its frustrating not being able to do anything though. mmiz- I thought O2 was a prescription drug? How could we have that, and how could I dispense that with out a medical director...
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    Hey Chimpie, thanks for the reply. As far as protocals and such, I have none here. We have AED's and are all trained in CPR/AED, but I am the only EMT. EMT duties are not included in my job description. Thats why I did not identify myself as an EMT to the PT, for all intents and purpuses, I...