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  1. CloudofBlack90

    Harnett County

    Anyone have any info on Harnett County EMS in NC? From what I've been able to research pay is somewhat comparable to where I'm at now. These are my main concerns below. What are the benefits like for full or part time? Do they hire full time EMTs? Do they have room for advancement? Do they...
  2. CloudofBlack90

    North Carolina

    Hey guys, looking to make a move to North Carolina soon to be closer to family, more than likely the Cumberland Co area. Any one have any input as to any good services for a full time EMT? I'm willing to take a pay cut, i just won't be able to take a drastic one. So shoot with the services and...
  3. CloudofBlack90

    Charleston County EMS

    Hey guys looking for some info/advice. In the next year or so I plan on moving closer to coast, I'm in Columbia SC right now. I thinking Charleston County EMS right now, but I'm open to other counties. I've looked on there website and saw that they have a written test and even scenarios for you...
  4. CloudofBlack90

    911 EMS Companies in Florida

    Hello all, I've been recently debating a move from the SC area to Florida. I've been working at a 911 company since I've obtained my certs (a little over a year now), and love the diversity that comes with each shift. I've tried working the transport agencies and just can't take the monotony...