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    Staying calm

    If anybody can help me out on this or just give some advice it'd be helpful. I've been an emt for a year doing 911. I've noticed a drastic improvement from when I first started to where I am now. I am more confident in my decisions and feel more competent. My supervisor and Co workers have...
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    Stipends/pay for volly service

    Can anybody explain to me how their volunteer service pays with stipends/ regular paychecks? I just joined a local volunteer service and as far as my understanding goes. if you work during the day doing a day shift you are paid but if you work during the evening it will just be counted as...
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    Recertifying with the nremt nccp

    Can someone please explain the new nccp model for recerting your license? I am going crazy looking for a school to even just get the very minimum 24 hours let alone 72 to recert. But I don't even understand what is so different about the nccp model versus the older model of recerting. I want to...
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    Getting the most out of private ems

    Alright. I've been working for a private company for a while now. It's been about a year and ive hit a wall. I am feverishly trying to hang in there and make the most of it but private ems has chewed me up and spat me out. Before the keyboard warriors attack just read ahead. I know private...
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    Employment in various states.

    I'm interested in which states are hiring the most for emt basics. I am hoping to move to maine or possibly Colorado. If anybody here lives in these states let me know what the pay/cost of living and companies are. If anybody lives in any other states that have county services hiring emt's I'd...
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    Staying at emt level

    I've noticed there are a few people who stay at the emt basic level for years. I worked with an emt who has been an emt basic for 20 years. I'm just curious as to why some people are content with staying at the emt level? There's nothing wrong with it in my eyes. It just looks like everybody...
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    Anybody here have experience working here? I live in Rhode island and I'm considering getting the hell on out of here and moving to Mass in the future. What are the working conditions, pay and overall experience like there? I know Atlantic is a sister company of cataldo I believe.
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    Anyone ever worked as an onsite/standby emt?

    As the title says I want to know if any one has worked as a standby emt in a factory or other work envronmemt? Where you have a office/clinic for workers to come in or bring workers in to evaluate. Just want to know what types of places usually has these types of positions available. Be it...
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    rescuenet epcr issues.

    Anyone else have technical issues with this software? Crashing randomly WiFi disconnects (always at the most inconvenient times) Signatures and other data is lost. Etc etc etc Most recently we couldn't open up a patient's file. We had to manually enter in all the info in a seperate folder when...
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    struggling with Epcr

    So I'm finished with my precepting time and I'm comfortable with everything else such as: patient care,vitals, vehicle maneuvering, transferring etc. While I know very well that I do not know everything and still have much to learn I am comfortable with my current ability to provide patient...
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    paramedic school

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked more times than anybody cares to count. But I'm curious to know the experiences of a student in paramedic school. Either past or present. Specifically what makes paramedic school so difficult? The medics I talked to had the same teacher who was very...
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    per diem?

    Just a question for the masses. How has per diem worked out for you? If you are working it crrently or have in the past?
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    interview testing?

    So I have an interview coming up soon and while it wasn't mentioned that there would be any testing I'm not taking my chances and have been studying and refreshing myself on bls and all the basics (this is an EMT position BTW) So I'm just curious as to how often a company usually gives "tests"...
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    emt jobs in Rhode Island

    Anybody know if any of the private ambulance companies in Rhode Island are hiring?
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    hearing back

    So I submitted an application in person for a private ambulance company for the position of an emt basic. I'm just curious (and I understand this is going to vary GREATLY) but how long do you think it will be before if at all I hear back. From what I have heard this company is pretty much...
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    Alert ambulance in Rhode Island

    Hello I was wondering if anyone here has worked at this company before and could provide any info about it. Particularly about the equipment and supplies. Whether they were outdated or in good condition. There are a number of different companies in Rhode island but this one interests me the...
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    emt in antarctica

    Yes you read that title right. I heard that emt's and firefighters are hired to work at the science stations for both the winter and summer seasons. By any chance has anyone done this themselves or even know where to begin with employment there? Saw a documentary about living in antarctica and...
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    private ambulance question

    hello. I am new to the ems field and also new to these forums. I know this question has probably been asked a million times but I haven't really found any useful or satisfying answers. As the title suggests I want to know about private ambulances. specifically what they do. I know they do a...