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    scope of practice and diabetes

    Are EMT-Bs allowed to check blood glucose in PA? I work on ALS trucks, so if I do it, I do it under the supervision and instruction of a paramedic anyway. But it seems like since we can administer oral glucose with an order from command we should be allowed to check it if we have the...
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    I am trying to find some options for EVOC for some other EMTs at my service. Problem is I am really not as connected as they think I am. Does anyone know of any EVOC courses coming up in the Southwest Pennsylvania area? TIA
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    I figured the ALS people out there would know this if anyone. What is "medic command"? There has been talk of this lately in my area, specifically about it being revoked, and I'm wondering what it it?
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    I can clearly remember the instructing medic telling us in the obstetrics portion of class how glad he was that he's never had to deliver a baby. Every Medic I've ever run with has made it very clear that since obstetrics is classified as BLS in PA, that if we get an obstetrics call, I will be...
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    I got a question about patient confidentiality. I was on a call the other day to an apartment building. Our PT was an elderly woman, in fact, that describes most of the residents of the building. I know from many, many, many, past calls to this place that residents there tend to be rather...
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    ACLS for the EMT-B

    So, I'm an EMT-B in PA. What am I doing in an ALS forum? I heard a rumor from another EMT at work, that an EMT-B can become certified in ACLS - qualifying us to interpret ECGs and manually defibrillate, making us sort of EMT-Is even though there is no such thing in this state. Anyone from...
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    Okay, bit of a back story hear. I was recently on a call for a non-emergency patient. Because a bunch of us on base that day (myself included) do not have EVOC, there were four people on the crew. So, we're transporting non-emergency to a hospital for a pain patient, and she complains the...
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    EMS supplies, pittsburgh area

    Hey, for various reasons it has become necessary for me to procure a C-Collar and a 9-footer. I couldn't get them from my service, and now I'm in a bit of a bind. To any and all in the Pittsburgh, PA area, if you needed to purchase that type of thing, and quickly, where would you go? TIA
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    Search and rescue turned not

    I just got back from the all time weirdest shift I've ever worked. The EMS agency I run with has two bases, so when one crew gets called out, the other sits and waits for calls not only for their base but for the crew that's no longer in service. Anyhow, the base I was not at got called to...
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    NREMT-B vs. EMT-B

    Hi, I'm a EMT-B in Pennsylvania. as I wander around the EMS world, I keep encountering various bits of alphabet soup after people's names. The two I am interested in are EMT-B (which follows my name) and NREMT-B. is there something special one has to do to get added to the national...