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    Considering to Enlist

    First, are you married? Children? If so be prepared to not see them for very very long periods of time. The Army has a great medical training program but I may be a little biased (spouse for 18 yrs). Not all recruiters are dirtbags. Be very specific in what YOU want out of the service and what...
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    EMT Survival Kit

    The squad is the building, a rig, bus, truck or ambulance is the vehicle.
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    EMT Survival Kit

    You are right, it is meant to be a joke. I don't remember saying that this would be in an ambulance. Haven't any of you ever gone to a banquet that has presented someone with a joke award? Humor in EMS can save our sanity and thats what this was meant to be.
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    EMT Survival Kit

    please go back to the original post and see that I said trial size. Ever see the small "airplane" bottles of booze??? Why doesn't it surprise me that a certain poster would start with the legal stuff. I have looked for candy cigarettes, they don't make them anymore. They encourage kids to...
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    EMT Survival Kit

    I have joked for awhile now about putting together a "survival kit" to be presented at the annual banquet. Well, I am the banquet committee chairman again so I am going to make a kit to keep in the squad to pass to the person having "one of those days". So far I have come up with a few items...
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    Job Shirts

    I have a Game job shirt and it has held up very well, with minimal fading of the collar and patches. My only complaint is the cuffs fray and seperate.
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    EMT SHOT KILLED- Scene Safety

    What an amazing outpouring or respect and love for Mark today. I was on duty and unable to attend the funeral but watched it live unil we were called out. I have been told there were 182 pieces of apparatus in the processional. I hope that my DVR recorded all of it. He was a very loved and...
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    EMT SHOT KILLED- Scene Safety

    This was a very sad day for the emergency responders in our area. My heart goes out to his family and friends. There are links to a tribute page on this site.
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    Do you eat well?

    Since working full time in EMS I have slowly put on a [I]few[I] pounds. I have found it very hard to eat regularly and healthy. Yesterday my day started with an interfacility txp at 5 am. On the way back I grabbed a med coffee and two donuts from Dunkin Donuts. I didn't get to eat again until...
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    Mandatory Reporter

    Not sure about other states but the one I work in has made EMS mandated reporters of child and elder abuse. A few days ago I was dispatched to an accidental overdose call. While in route the dispatcher said it may also be an allergic reaction. OK, I guess I'll figure it out when I get there...
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    Treating a rapist.

    You can't think about the crime, just the patient. You treat them to the best of your ability, get them to a higher level of care and blot out the memory.
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    We make good party conversation!

    I hate that question and usually try to avoid it unless an EMT student asks. Then I tell them about a pt that had cancer and vomited all his insides out and bled out. I avoid most of the details, they usually get the picture and drop the conversation.
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    CALLING RIDRYDER (or anyone who can answer)

    Yes it is confusing. New York has too many levels of care and at times it can cause problems if you don't know what the provider can do at that level. EMT- First Responder EMT-Basic EMT-Intermediate AEMT-Critical Care AEMT-Paramedic I have thought about going back to school to get my...
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    CALLING RIDRYDER (or anyone who can answer)

    In NY there are several levels of certification and of course with those levels come different things that can be done. I am an Advanced EMT- Critical Care, that is below a paramedic but above an EMT-B. I can do many of the same things a paramedic can do, some they have a standing order for and...
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    EMS License Plates now ready

    What kills me is there is no AEMT-CC. We all start as EMTs but there are levels of care between EMT and EMTP;)
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    Self protection question

    Unlike some posters I will never get detailed about a call on this forum or any other. It may sound like I didn't care, put my crew and PD at risk but at no time was that the case. Maybe I should stay away from talking about calls here since I refuse to get detailed. Should I have told you...
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    Self protection question

    I didn't want any weapon available. The person sitting on the ground was complaining of difficulty breathing. He left his house because he got tired of waiting for an ambulance. We were called in for ALS and another agency was called to cover because the ambulance in that area didn't respond...
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    Lifting fat people - I'm not pulling with "all my might"????

    I have talked about getting a bariatric rig for the county, having it centrally located and for any departments use. The problem is funding and training. So if we start with the classroom training and get some eyes to open and see the need maybe we can move forward with all the other stuff.
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    OHHH My achin' back!

    Oh I couldn't move on to something else! I love my job. My back is feeling better and have only had one really bad muscle spasm since starting treatment.
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    Self protection question

    I guess making sure you present yourself as a no-nonsense type right off the bat with those kind of people you can usually diffuse a situation. We don't carry anything and as much as I have joked about O2 therapy I would have to be in a serious situation to even have it cross my mind. Last...