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  1. EMTBandit

    Paramedic School

    I am currently considering going to Paramedic school sometime in the future. For you guys/gals who have done this I got a few questions. What can I expect when I do go and what were your experiences? And what were the requirements to get in?
  2. EMTBandit

    EMT test is hard? Try being a Ninja!

    And you thought the test to become an EMT was hard! I love this site lol. There are other episodes on there that are better than that, I suggest the episodes Ninja Santa, Minjas, Ninja Dates, or Ninja Poetry. There...
  3. EMTBandit

    Favorite Scrubs quotes and favorite moments

    Since we seem to be on a Scrubs kick around here, thought I'd ask the question, what are some of your favorite quotes and memorable moments that the characters have said or done on Scrubs? Be free to post more when you think of them or hear more quotes that you think are funny or just saw an...
  4. EMTBandit

    NOT the way to do CPR

    Heres one way to practice CPR. :P
  5. EMTBandit

    Ram Vs. Soldier

    Looks like something I would do. ^_^ :P
  6. EMTBandit

    Tell me this wouldn't improve response times

    But where would you put the patient? ^_^
  7. EMTBandit

    Hello There

    I just signed up and thought I'd say hello.^_^ Names Danny, been an EMT for over a year now. My Brother and my Father are both EMT's. So is my sister in law and my mom used to be one before becoming a nurse. Hope this is the right place to put this, if not I apologize. I have a bit of time on my...