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  1. Hunter

    Student vs seasoned medic

    I need a meme about students vs seasoned medics, preferably about how much stuff they carry on their person. I looked around and couldn't find anything anyone got anything?
  2. Hunter

    15 lead ecg

    So I recentlt had the privilidge of attendnig a class by Bob page where we covered a ton of materials but one of the bigger things he discussed was that "every normal 12 lead EKG should get a 15 lead EKG consisting of v4R, v8 and v9." We were showed evidence of long term diagnosis that were made...
  3. Hunter

    Service Dogs

    So this discussion came up at work the other day. If you have a patient with a trained guide dog, no family friends ore anyone available to care for the dog, what do you do with them? Really would like to hear from anyone who's actually had a patient like this.
  4. Hunter

    Paramedics targeted while saving lives

    Found on FB Time for DTEMS to visit Chicago?
  5. Hunter

    DC Hiring single role medics

    Not sure if this was shared yet but someone posted it on FB. Thought it was interesting. The D.C. fire department is set to hire civilian paramedics to address dire shortages in its emergency medical services workforce -...
  6. Hunter

    Still trying to figure out this call.

    Called to a patient at a bunch on a street corner, called by a family member, we arrive to find an approx 50 y/o f pt, aaox3, who threw up a few minutes before we got there, she was obviously pale, diaphoretic, cool clammy, initial vitals were something around; BP:150/88, P80, R16, 97% SAo2...
  7. Hunter

    American Ambulance South Florida

    Just passing the information along, if you have any questions you can send them to the email or call. It is in Dade and Broward county. American Ambulance is recruiting EMT's. If you know someone interested in applying have them send an email to or contact...
  8. Hunter

    Heart Diets, Hard Numbers, and Truth That Lasts

    What do you guys think?
  9. Hunter

    Nurse refuses to perform CPR on elderly woman Wow... I'm not sure what to say. No DNR and daughter says she remains satisfied with the care her mother received at the facility. Sounds like someone wants some inheritance money.
  10. Hunter

    Dispatcher has cardiac arrest in front of cameraman
  11. Hunter

    STEMI Recognition: Beyond the Basics found this, not sure if anyone else already shared
  12. Hunter

    56 y/o, f

    Had a patient the other day, 56 y/o F, cc: fell down not feeling well, I wanna go to the hospital. U/A: found 56 Y/O F on the ground, managed to crawl around and grab her pillow, phone and purse, when she moves around you notice that she's deficated herself. In some distress but she's able to...
  13. Hunter

    UA vs NSTEMI

    I had a patient recently who had all the presentations of an AMI; chest pain, felt like pressure, 7/10 relieved by nitro, clammy skin, SOB, O2 Sat 89% on room air, p in the higher 90's, BP was 118/??(can't remember) after the nursing home had given him one of nitro. Both 4 and 12 leads all...
  14. Hunter


    So I got into a discussion with one of my supervisors and a co worker of mine recently about a patient of mine who had a DNR (Do Not resuscitate) order. The patient presented with severe hypotension, going to the hospital for acute onset AMS, lethargy & confusion. The medic who had this call...
  15. Hunter

    Medic911 North Carolina

    Hey Guys I tried using the search to look this up and I couldn't find anything recent. I was looking at moving anywhere, since the south Florida market is so over populated with Paramedics and Fire/Medics. A [partner of mine told me about Medic911 who works around Charlotte North Carolina I was...
  16. Hunter

    Mental health, jaded or paranoid?

    So I've seen quite a few DNR's recently and my partners reactions vary from partner to partner and from newer to veterans. It's gotten me thinking; we as EMS professionals are exposed to not only death but near death patients at a high rate, has that made you Jaded to the point were death is...
  17. Hunter

    Adenocard day

  18. Hunter

    Taking my state medics exam

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Now that I got that out... I have my medic licensing exam on monday I'm literally crapping bricks. People tell me to relax that it's easier than the national for EMT but I can't help but to worry. I don't wanna have to retest if I fail because that's gonna be more...
  19. Hunter

    Self defense

    I wasn't sure where to put this. With all the talk of face eaters and heart and brain eating people. It's made me think about safety. I feel like with us bring sent into peoples homes regularly it makes us an easy target for one of these wackos to call us and use us as easy victims. With that...
  20. Hunter

    Face eating. Zombies? I have a picture of the victim that was released but it's a bit graphic and I don't know how to post it and make it a little drop down thing.