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    Missing Paramedic in Saskatchewan

    A friend and coworker has been missing since Friday.
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    Ambulance Crash Claims 1, Injures 3

    EDMONTON — An Emergency Services worker killed in a collision in northern Alberta Monday has been identified as John O’Mahoney. Read more:
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    Weird Call

    Hi All, I'd like some people's insight into this call. Picked up a 60 y/o male this morning who was unresponsive...BGL was 1.9 mmol/L. I started a line then gave D50. Sugar came up to 3.0mmol with improvement in LOC. Everything else checked out relatively normal. Pt has hx of chronic subdural...
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    Ambulance stolen, smashed into pole

    A thief who made off with an ambulance and smashed it into a power pole caused $180,000 in damage early New Year's Day. Saskatoon police say at 4:20 a.m., a woman took an ambulance from St. Paul's Hospital. Sgt. Keith Briant said hospital cameras captured the woman taking off in the...
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    House Kit/Jump Bag/whatever

    Hi, I'm looking for some opinions. I've searched, but couldn't find anything like this. The company where we get our house kits (or jump kits, whichever you like to call them), has stopped making them. We used to get our house kits, drug kits, etc from Pacific Safety Products. We're looking for...
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    Police don't know what prompted vicious bus attack

    Police don't know what prompted attack Police in Winnipeg said Thursday they do not know what triggered a vicious attack on a Greyhound bus the night before that led to the beheading of a passenger. Witnesses say a man was stabbed to death and then decapitated in what appears to be a...
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    2 paramedics dead after accident at Canadian mine

    The Associated Press KIMBERLEY, British Columbia — Four people were found dead Wednesday in a Canadian lead mine, and the mountain community's mayor said they may have been overcome by poisonous gas. The first victim may have been dead for two days, and search for him after he failed to...
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    Total Runs for 2004

    Hey, was just wondering how many runs you guys did during 2004. Was just adding ours up and saw that we had 721 calls, not bad considering it was kind of a slow year. Have a happy new year everyone.